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The physical zines are here and they look incredible! 

Take a look at the Kickstarter update here and pick up a physical copy here.

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There are still 35 signed and numbered print copies available. This edition won't be reprinted.

No problem! I'm very keen to get the game out as well and I'm as frustrated as anybody that it isn't done yet, honestly. I'm hoping that I'll be able to put out a decent update in the next week or two with some previews etc. but whatever happens I'll try and be better at communicating where it's up to going forward.

Unfortunately I still haven't finished writing the game yet. I'm hoping to get it finished by the end of this month but it's taking some time and I'd rather get it right than rush it out!

the folks over at Perception Studios along with my good friend Loren Petersen are running Treasures Of The Troll King as a 4 part series over on Twitch on Friday nights. Episode one just Aires and it's great! Check out the VOD below

You never posted a link to your review of Strange Things That Come From The Forest Of Trees That Bleed!

It's a good review and you should share it:

Read Sebrina's review here:

Watch Saevrick and friends play Mörk Borg for the first time as they try to obtain the Treasures Of The Troll King!

Not sure whether to pick up Treasures Of The Troll King? Watch me and the Plus One EXP crew play through it

Thanks Sebrina! Really glad you like it, and thanks for the review!

Thanks, Jon.

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Yep! You can do it here or by following the link on the product page. There's no way to buy the future issues yet but they'll be available from my store when they're released.

Yes. They are already visible on the page.

Issue 1 is out now!

Grab it in print here:

Hey there, thanks for checking in. Writing is still moving on it and we're looking at end of April for getting it finished. As soon as I send the book to print I'll also be sending out the PDF codes so you can get the full game as soon as it's available.


The Wretched community · Created a new topic Brain Trust

On the new episode of the Brain Trust podcast, Adam and Will spend some time at the end of the show designing an asynchronous, multi-player Wretched & Alone game. Check it out here.

I've just learned that Protean City played The Wretched back in August of last year!

This issue also includes plays of You Will Die Alone Out Here In The Black and The Sentinel, and it's really excellent.

Check it out here.

The Wretched community · Created a new topic Dicebreaker

Chase over at Dicebreaker posted a really thoughtful piece about The Wretched earlier. Check it out!

Thanks so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it.

Trophies of Violence provides an alternative system for death in A Dragon Game.

It's out now, and it's free.

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"When you attack, roll under your stat on a d20 and deal the result of your roll as damage."

The average roll on a d20 is 11. That Kobold goes down in two hits, statistically. Especially if you leverage your Rituals and make sure you're fictionally positioned to roll with Advantage when you attack.

Using whatever morale system you prefer. The easiest is a 1d6 roll where 1-3 is fleeing and 4-6 is stay and fight. If you use monsters from other games as recommended you should use the morale rules from those games. 

You're understanding correctly.


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You're understanding correctly. Combat is a failure state and should be avoided. You're made of meat and when you get hit you bleed and die.

I updated the PDF today to add that if you roll exactly your stay when defending you don't take damage. You've shown this on your charts - the results for 11 on the first chart and 18 on the second one show 0 damage.

You've got it correct except that if you roll exactly your stat you should take 0 damage, which is an oversight in the text that I'll fix now. The monster stats don't come into consideration at all in the base game, but you're welcome to build on the system if you'd like to see that part of it done differently!

Hi there,

Thanks for checking in on this. I haven't released it yet - I was approaching burnout at the end of February and had to put everything on hold for a week or two. I'm hopeful that it'll be released in the next couple of weeks and I really appreciate everyone's patience with the process.


A Dragon Game community · Created a new topic Expansions

I'm going to write some expansions for A Dragon Game.

What should I write? What would you like to see? What do you think would make it an even better dragon game?

A Dragon Game community · Created a new topic Licensing

This game carries the Troika license, which means you can make stuff for it! If you do let me know and I'll help you promote it however I can.

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I manually update them once they run out :)

I've restocked the community copies, thanks for letting me know

Thanks for letting me know. I'm not sure what's caused that but I'll see if I can find a fix.

Today I took the first step in putting together the limited edition physical copies. I received the inserts for the boxes from Mixam, and I spent an hour or so...inserting them. I think they look pretty good!

Writing on the game itself is nearly complete, and I've been doing layout simultaneously. The soundtrack is also nearly done. By the end of next week I expect to be able to send both the rulebook and the soundtrack to printing, and once I receive everything I can finish assembling the physical copies.

There are still physical copies available to order here, so now is a great time to make sure you get one if you're still on the fence!

I'm also currently running a Kickstarter. I'd love it if you checked it out and considered backing it.

Also thanks for letting me know about the typos - I've just uploaded a new version and hopefully I caught them all!

I'm really glad you like it! It's not designed to be played with a larger group but I don't see any reason why you couldn't - just have each player have their own dice pool and keep track of their own soul track, and you'd probably want to add additional enemies. I'd split the enemy Soul total between characters as you'd do with XP in a traditional RPG.


If you scroll down below the Pre-order button you should find it in the section marked Demo

Hi folks!

I'm writing a new Wretched & Alone game and I could do with your help. If you've played The Wretched (or another Wretched & Alone game), how tall was the remaining part of your block tower after it had fallen?

Bonus points if you can post a photo of your tower after it fell.

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It's just been brought to my attention that the pre-order placeholder files feature of itch doesn't work as I thought it did and that nobody has been able to download the bonus music tracks or the quickstart gif. I'm trying to find out how to make this work, but for the meantime I've set the project to "released" so that you can grab these files.

This game still isn't released and orders are still pre-orders, but until I can figure this out the Buy button won't say pre-order.

The quickstart for Dice Souls is now available! This is a free preview of the game and also forms a very informal public playtest. I hope you'll enjoy playing it, and it you have any comments or feedback please feel free to pop them on the discussion board or drop me an email at

Another actual play for your enjoyment