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Really glad you’re enjoying it! I can definitely sort out an epub version of this. I’ll try and get it up by the end of the week.

Unfortunately I had a massive HDD failure last year and lost a ton of work, including BLACKOUT. I no longer have access to the files for that adventure.

I’ve begun writing an Appendix N for this game. The first entry is here.

Chase Carter wrote a really great piece about this game over at Rascal News.

Really glad you like it!

I’m not going to be including this in the printed version of the game - or at least not the printed version that I give out for free - purely because it would make the book too big for saddle stitching. I’d need to move to a perfect bound book and that becomes too expensive for me to print with the intention of handing them out.

My plan, and something I’m currently working on, is to put out a book of these procedures alongside a worked example demonstrating how to use them and a handful of ready-to-run dungeons generated using them. That will be out in print in the same format as the base game, but it won’t be something that I give out for free. At the same time I’ll be reprinting the base game and as with The Moss Mother’s Maze, people who pick up the dungeon supplement (and the treasure one, when that’s ready) will also get a copy of the game with it. Hopefully this makes sense!

This automatically gives access to the file

That was just a couple of typos. Roll a d6 for it and pretend it’s numbered properly!

They’re just interested in bear fighting as a violent pastime and a way to make some money. There’s nothing deeper to it than that, though you could of course make something up if you have a better idea.

Thanks for checking it out, I’m glad you liked it! I’ll take these in order.

  • Since there’s only one portcullis in room 2 I’m also not sure how this could be clearer, but I’ll definitely keep an eye out for other people getting tripped up by it and see if it needs attention.
  • I have! Well spotted, thanks. I’ll fix that soon.
  • This is basically a proof of concept for my dungeon generation tools. The numbers come before the adjoining passages in that process. For most releases you’re right that this is something I would change before publication, but I wanted to present this as it came out of the generator. It’s a valid criticism, though.
  • This is entirely an oversight on my part. I missed the northern portcullis when I was keying the room. The locked door is in the east wall as indicated on the map and the text is incorrect, and you’re correct that the lock should be functional. Will fix.

Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it! *

You’re welcome!

No, that one is print only. It’s available in the US via Kartellian Vaults.

Sorry, I fully intended to reply to this and then didn’t. I keep forgetting to do this but I’ll upload it in the next week.

Yes! Sorry, my memory is terrible. I’ll upload it this week.

The web version is the latest, there have obviously just been some mistakes/omissions when I was updating it. I’ll fix it when I’m back at work in January.

Yeah, it should be roll 2d6. The PDF version is correct as far as I know.

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I’m not in a financial position to be able to give books away for free at the moment, sorry.

In that case that means there’s plenty of material out there for you to use in your game already and you probably don’t need this.

RPGs are my full time work. I unfortunately can’t afford to give everything away for free (though there are free versions of many of my other books available). This is also in a bundle with 8 other games right now, and giving it away for free would devalue that bundle which impacts more people than just me. There’s also an extensive preview PDF available for free that contains a large chunk of the adventure.

If you don’t think £5 is worth it for a fully-illustrated 48 page adventure that’s fine. Thanks for your interest anyway.

Are you asking if you can have a copy for free?

Very unlikely at the moment unfortunately.

Hey! Thanks for your interest. I took the bestiary down a month or two ago to fix some issues with it. I’ll get it reuploaded in the next few weeks.

Seems to be working fine for me. It’s hosted by Adobe’s Publish Online service so maybe something went wrong for them

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Hi June,

This is an error in the table itself, thanks for pointing it out! I’ve updated the advancement table here to reflect the correct numbers and I’ll push an update to the downloadable files as soon as possible.

New characters should only get one safe Ritual each day - two Rituals as listed in the text is a hangover from a previous draft.

Sorry for any confusion with this!

Enemies have different wants and needs to hirelings. You’re invading their home, killing their compatriots, and looting their stuff. Their drive to push you back and out of their territory - or to defend themselves - is what makes them Enemies. Conversely, hirelings are driven by the desire to a) earn silver and b) survive so that they can earn more silver. They’re not the same (and none of the dungeon denizens in the game is human, either), and so they work differently.

But, as I said, feel free to run it however you please. The rules text represents the way I run the game, and you’re welcome to change it as you see fit.

That’s exactly what it means, yeah. In my mind the more experienced hirelings only survive as long as they have because they know they shouldn’t stick around and end up dead. It’s part of the “violence is bad and scary” philosophy of the game.

You’re of course welcome to change it if it doesn’t work for your table.

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Try before you buy! Check out the free web version here.

You’re welcome, I’m glad you liked it!

I don’t actually know anyone else who’s done it off the top of my head. I’m sure there were a few people who talked about wanting to do it in the wake of me releasing it and I wish I could remember who. If anything comes to mind I’ll be sure to let you know.

From the product description: “The Haematurge [is] a blood magic playbook for a game that doesn’t exist”.

It’s not for any game, though it broadly uses the Belonging Outside Belonging framework.

I’m sorry, it’s not clear. What’s the question?

It gives the costs for converting them to Phrases in order to scribe them. Two paragraphs before the table of costs on Page 37 it says, “Phrases are easy enough to transcribe onto paper, but distilling a complex Ceremony down into a form able to be scribed and cast as a Phrase is costly.”

I completely missed this comment, sorry!

The reprint is now back in stock here

Really glad you had fun with it, thanks for the play report!

While I write some adventures and additional content for A Dungeon Game, I’ve added a Conversion Guide to the downloads to help you run adventures from other games with it.

It’s no longer hosted on podbean because I couldn’t afford to keep paying for it.

My new adventure for Mörk Borg, A Waning Light, is now available to order. This adventure is available in a signed and numbered print edition only. Orders will be taken this week, and I’ll print as many copies as are required.

Find out more and place your order here.

My new adventure for Mörk Borg, A Waning Light, is now available to order. This adventure is available in a signed and numbered print edition only. Orders will be taken this week, and I’ll print as many copies as are required.

Find out more and place your order here.

My new adventure for Mörk Borg, A Waning Light, is now available to order. This adventure is available in a signed and numbered print edition only. Orders will be taken this week, and I’ll print as many copies as are required.

Find out more and place your order here.

An actual play by RPG Hour

An actual play by Plumpy Thimble

Spencer Campbell made a quick 5 minute video talking about (in his words) “how amazing this game is as part of it’s 2 year birthday! If you’re on the fence on picking this up, hopefully this video will help convince you to buy it ASAP!”

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This is a situation where I’d say just make a ruling. If you think this effect was too powerful then speak to your players about it and adjust it until it feels right. This may require some trial and error but that’s the nature of a freeform magic system.

As far as what Ceremonies ‘should’ do, honestly that depends on which words are being used and how the players are interpreting them.

Bear in mind that the example you’ve given, the monster has below average hit dice for their HD and it sounds like the player is playing in a smart way. Also bear in mind that monsters can always run away, they don’t have to fight to the death every time.

Ultimately, use your best judgement and have fun with it. There aren’t any wrong answers.