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Demon Slayers - progress report [Released as "Twin Demon Slayers"!]

A topic by bryqu created Mar 02, 2018 Views: 395 Replies: 6
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Hello everyone! I hope you are as excited about the jam as I am!

During the jam I will be working on a remake of another jam-game I created some time ago. I will be posting my updates to my blog site, and will inform you of any updates here as well.

I hope you all have fun during the upcoming seven days, and I am looking forward to seeing some amazing roguelike stuff from you!



Hi - I've just posted progress after day 1 of the development. Read more about it here. Basically, the player now controls two characters instead of one.

Also, I've changed the graphics to something self-made.

Take care!

Day 2 progress can be seen here.

And here a gameplay gif:


cool! is this just the combat system?

Thanks! Yes, I mean the whole game will only have that combat system  :) There won't be any other level of gameplay, if that is what you're asking about. Anyway, see the entry below for more details.

Days 3-6: you can see the progress here. Basically I'm pretty much done (simply running out out time) - just need to work on the graphics.

And here are the gameplay gifs:

Allright, I just released the final version! Basically just added some more animations, including the death animation - and made sure that the enemy corpses actually stay on the screen! :)

I won't have any more time to work in this on Sunday.

And I am looking forward to trying out all the games that you guys have submitted - looking at the ones already present, there is a lot of nice stuff out there that could be very inspiring and fun!