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Lovely Composer

A playful music creation tool that like a game console music editor · By 1oogames

How Do You Make It Fullscreen?

A topic by Hyperkvlt created Mar 22, 2022 Views: 158 Replies: 4
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Hello, I just bought the app. But when I opened it, the app appeared to be so small (see screenshot).  And the demo is even bigger if you don't make it fullscreen.

Is there a way to zoom it or make it proper fullscreen?


Thanks for the purchase! 

For now, the screen is scaled by an integer number of pixels (400x250). I think the way it is zoomed in has changed because of the increased number of pixels on the screen over the Demo version.

The following actions may be taken:

  • Alt + Enter to Full Screen
  • Automatically hide the OS taskbar setting  (or setting to make the taskbar smaller)
  • Change screen resolution (or monitor)

Scaling specifications will be improved in the future.

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Thanks, ALT + ENTER works to enter fullscreen!

This is just a suggestion, but I think it would be nice to add icon to switch to fullscreen mode next to the config / setting icon.


We added a scaling feature (fit to screen)!

Thanks. That's Great!