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Thank you, I'm glad you like it!

As for scales, they are not difficult to add. So we would like to add them. (The current number of scales is due to my lack of musical knowledge.)

Thank you, we are working on Steam support, but it has been delayed and will take some more time.

DLsite is one of the web sites where LovelyComposer can be purchased overseas. Is it possible to access it?

(Are there a lot of people in the world who can't buy on

No. Currently LovelyComposer don't have MIDI Import feature.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thank you so much!

I just scanned the zip file and the unzipped file, but no virus was detected. It was scanned by Windows 11 Pro with the virus definition file (1.371.895.0) created this morning and the latest virus definition file (1.371.920).

No changes have been made to the uploaded Lovely Composer ver.1.2.6 file from the beginning.

The virus definition file seems to be updated at least once or twice a day. If possible, it would be more helpful if you could tell us the version of Windows and the version of the virus definition file when the virus was detected.

     Windows Security> Virus & threat protection> Protection updates

Thank you for reporting!

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A part of this function was implemented in ver.1.2.6. :)

Regarding the chord display in the proposed parenthesis, I did not implement it this time because there may be multiple chord names and the specification becomes complicated.

Thank you!

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We have determined that this is due to a false positive and not due to the presence of an infectious virus. (This is due to the results of VirusTotal and the similar detection in the newly generated exe.)

And now, the latest Windows security definition files(1.371.550.0) do not detect malware.

From ver.1.2.6 or earlier, VirusTotal results seem to give false positive results to a small number of minor anti virus software.

If false positives occur frequently, I think it is necessary to change the specifications as a countermeasure(*), but I think that it will be a change that reduces the convenience of the user, so I would like to see the situation for a while.

* One file of exe, online help function, detection of user document folder location and file generation, etc. may be suspected factors.

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The version 1.2.6 zip file has been republished.

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Temporarily unpublish 1.2.6 for windows until the cause is known.

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I confirmed that the virus was detected by "config.exe", as a result of scanning with the latest version of the virus definition file (1.371.503.0) of Windows Security (Defender), 

There is a possibility of false detection (*), but I would like to investigate the cause.

Thank you for reporting!

(*)  It wasn't detected by "lovely_composer.exe" which is basically made in the same way on my environment.

* To be exact, it has dropped from $ 4.99 to $ 4. I'm sorry I made a mistake.

Thank you for your thought good feature suggestions! We want to make it a good tool for learners.

We want to realize it in the not too distant future.

We added a scaling feature (fit to screen)!

This update will help you.

1.2.5 released! - Fit to the screen - Lovely Composer by 1oogames (

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I'm sorry, it seems that the Pyxel version of the package was incomplete and could not be executed on some of Linux.

If you are familiar with Linux operation, you may be able to solve it by typing the following command from the terminal (and enter password).  I confirmed it on Ubuntu 20.04, but since it is an OS of the same type as Pop OS, it may work with a similar command.

sudo apt install libsdl2-2.0-0 libsdl2-image-2.0-0

If you don't understand the above, sorry please wait 1-2 days for us to fix and re-upload the package, or try the pico-8 version.

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Does that mean screen won't be zoom perfectly to the window? Or does it mean that interface (buttons and so on) on the screen are small?

The next version will fix the problem that the screen does not fit perfectly in the window when maximized. (There is also the disadvantage that the pixels rattle, so you can switch the enlargement mode.)

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We have confirmed that the current beta version works on the Raspberry Pi 400. Also, even when playing heavy sample songs, it worked at a practical speed of around 30fps!

The chip is the same on the Raspberry Pi 4, so I think it works in much the same way. Since one core is 100% used up, the FPS will drop by about 20% in the case of 1.5GHz operation, but it is still practical enough.

I haven't tested it on the Raspberry Pi 3, but it probably has a more lower FPS and isn't smooth to use( or isn't very practitcal). You may be able to audition the sample songs.

I confirmed the operation on Raspberry Pi 2, but it is completely impossible to compose at 3-4FPS, and it is difficult to play the sample song.

(This is a result at this time and may improve or worsen in the future.)

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It was helpful advise, thank you!

But now in my app and development environment, for macOS 10.x version, I can do it by right-clicking and opening as you mentioned. However, for recent macOS version apps that many users will use, opening from right-click shows as broken.

I don't know why the new version for mac works if I unlock it in the terminal, but I can't open it by right-clicking, it can be a subtle issue that takes time to resolve.

If both can be easily opened from right-click, It may be permissible to write that it support.

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The reason it is beta is mainly because of Mac security policies, and we do not want users who purchase apps on to not be able to use them in the way they are typically expected to launch them.

Until either Apple's security policy for Mac apps changes or I can be assured that the annual fee for the Apple Developer Program can be covered by sales of the Mac version, it will forever be in beta.

It cannot be used as VST...

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  • Mac is not officially supported now. There is a beta version that is not guaranteed to work.
  • It cannot be used as VST.
  •  Pokemon cover?

The reason why the Mac beta version did not start was due to the Mac OS function that makes it impossible to run apps downloaded from the Internet for security reasons.

This feature is very strict, costly to solve, and due to various factors, we have decided not to officially support macOS at now.

However, some users want the Mac version, so we will publish it as a beta app unofficially and without guarantee of operation. It requires special operation and trust in the app to start.

The method is described in the readme, but you can type the following command in the terminal.

    xattr -cr ~ / Downloads / LovelyComposer_1.2.4_Mac_Beta /

I didn't know there was such a user. I'm planning to do it in the near future.

Thank you for your offer and I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.

We have already paid for Steam and have been editing the data and not submitting the app for nearly a year.

Regarding the release of Steam, I wanted to do it after the function I originally envisioned was completed perfectly, but probably your research results may be more correct, and there are also user requests, so it may be better to start working on it.

We have received a report that the Mac beta version shows a corrupted file when the app is run, so we have temporarily disabled the download.

We are currently investigating the issue, so please be patient.

Thanks for the purchase! 

For now, the screen is scaled by an integer number of pixels (400x250). I think the way it is zoomed in has changed because of the increased number of pixels on the screen over the Demo version.

The following actions may be taken:

  • Alt + Enter to Full Screen
  • Automatically hide the OS taskbar setting  (or setting to make the taskbar smaller)
  • Change screen resolution (or monitor)

Scaling specifications will be improved in the future.

Thanks for your report,  I'm so glad to see that the operation has been improved!

In the MIDI export function, note linkage is a little worse after the addition of the volume settings in ver.1.2. Becaluse it needs a little redesign, so please wait a little longer.

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It was later than we had hoped, but we did it! ;)

Raspberry Pi Beta

Linux Beta

Thank you! We will improve about chord entry in the future!

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Hi, thank you for praising. However, this answer is a bit disappointing.

First, Microsoft ended support for Windows 7 in January 2020. And Lovely Composer was released in 2021,  so we are not using Windows 7 due to security concerns, and we haven't tested it on Windows 7.

Some version of Lovely Composer may have worked on Windows 7, but that's a coincidence.

Therefore, if you want to use Lovely Composer, you need to upgrade to Windows 10 or 11 or use another PC. (I don't know if it's possible now, but I used to be able to upgrade for free)

You can also contact itch support by email with your receipt infomation and get a refund.

We hope this answer will help you. Thanks!

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We think that already supported about first one,  so please open  music settings.  overview (English is being translated)

The second one looks  interesting but I couldn't understand it well. (I think there are ways to improve loops, but I also think that complex loop systems have various difficult problems.)

Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you, but We don't have a dedicated Pico-8 machine, so I'm not sure if the full version will work ...

Even if it doesn't work, since the full version contains explanations and stories, it is possible to play the minimum version on a handheld device after playing the full version on PC.

We heard Lovely Composer could run on M1 Mac with windows10 on Parallels.

Also We heard Lovely Composer could run on M1 Mac with windows11 on Parallels 1.1.4 (The latest version on January 10, 2022 did not work).

We plan to natively support multiple operating systems in the not too distant future, but not so close.

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One of the users (p_craft) wrote how he got Lovely Composer running on an M1 Mac! 

The article is in Japanese, but I think it will be helpful if you use the automatic translation of the web browser.

Run LovelyComposer on M1 Mac

Note: We're talking about emulation here, but we don't officially support it. It's not just about Windows on Parallels, but also about Arm Windows own x86 emulation, etc. 

(3 edits)

 I didn't know that M1 Parallels was complete. You may also want to look into emulations that don't use Parallels.

There were emulators that could run Windows apps directly, such as Wine on Linux and Miku Installer on Intel Macs.

There may be something similar on M1, but I have no knowledge about M1. 

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The trial version (0.3.2) is free and the version is old, but there are no functional restrictions. You can save the file and use it forever!

You can download it on the top page.

The basic functions are the same, and it's simpler, so it's more for beginners than newer version.

And if you want more improvements, we're glad you buy!

(We haven't d the latest trial version because it is trouble some to set restrictions such as the number of days.)

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Thank you for your nice comment.

As for tempo, it reproduces the style of retro electronic music based on the clock. Therefore, you cannot freely set the BPM.

Just as there are strong restrictions on sound  in 8-bit era, also it as such restrictions on tempo.

(Free BPM setting may not be impossible in the future, but now it is made with the above idea.)

The tempo number represents a division of the speed at 1.

The closer you get to 1, the rougher one step will be, so if possible, setting a larger number will bring the tempo closer. The length of the notes will be rough, but it may not be a problem depending on the song.

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Thank you for your nice comment! It includes a bit of a difficult question, so it's not a definitive answer.

Major 8-bit game consoles did not have a reverb function as an audio effect, so I don't think it will be added in that way.

It was common to reproduce pseudo delays, etc. with note data. If we add a feature, there may be a feature that makes it easy.

If we make a 16-bit super version in the future, I think that reverb etc. will be implemented.

The Python library for playing song data was initially released, but as a result of many customizations, it has become unusable for general users At this moment.

There are not many functions other than normal playback, and now intro loop playback is also supported for audio file export, so I don't think there are many benefits.

It took a while, but we replaced blinking display to alpha blending transparent.

Even now a bit worry exist, but we think softly than ever.  Is it okay this time?

Also good  to our eyes. Thank you!