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Lovely Composer

A playful music creation tool that like a game console music editor · By 1oogames

Virus Warning from latest install

A topic by Wasoota created 77 days ago Views: 192 Replies: 8
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Windows Security reports a trojan in Lovely Composer latest executable.

Developer (4 edits)

I confirmed that the virus was detected by "config.exe", as a result of scanning with the latest version of the virus definition file (1.371.503.0) of Windows Security (Defender), 

There is a possibility of false detection (*), but I would like to investigate the cause.

Thank you for reporting!

(*)  It wasn't detected by "lovely_composer.exe" which is basically made in the same way on my environment.

Developer (1 edit)

Temporarily unpublish 1.2.6 for windows until the cause is known.

Developer (1 edit)

The version 1.2.6 zip file has been republished.

Developer (4 edits)

We have determined that this is due to a false positive and not due to the presence of an infectious virus. (This is due to the results of VirusTotal and the similar detection in the newly generated exe.)

And now, the latest Windows security definition files(1.371.550.0) do not detect malware.

From ver.1.2.6 or earlier, VirusTotal results seem to give false positive results to a small number of minor anti virus software.

If false positives occur frequently, I think it is necessary to change the specifications as a countermeasure(*), but I think that it will be a change that reduces the convenience of the user, so I would like to see the situation for a while.

* One file of exe, online help function, detection of user document folder location and file generation, etc. may be suspected factors.

Thank you! 

Got virus detection today. From Windows Defender.


I just scanned the zip file and the unzipped file, but no virus was detected. It was scanned by Windows 11 Pro with the virus definition file (1.371.895.0) created this morning and the latest virus definition file (1.371.920).

No changes have been made to the uploaded Lovely Composer ver.1.2.6 file from the beginning.

The virus definition file seems to be updated at least once or twice a day. If possible, it would be more helpful if you could tell us the version of Windows and the version of the virus definition file when the virus was detected.

     Windows Security> Virus & threat protection> Protection updates

Thank you for reporting!

Can confirm, no issues anymore.