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Mizari Loves Company

Set in a fantasy world with its own lore, this otome game will enchant you. · By Reine Works

I played the game! (And made a silly video)

A topic by NLAigis created Mar 02, 2018 Views: 205 Replies: 1
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Hey there! I really enjoyed the demo for this game! The writing is really well done. The character models are detailed and well drawn. And the voice acting is surprisngly very good! I'm a little wary with visual novel games doing VA, but I enjoyed what I heard from the different characters. I'm glad the entire thing isn't VA, and it's only in certain parts for those who would prefer to just read. (And that we have the option to turn it on or off)  Although I found the beginning slightly slow, it picks up when you end up the demons. One thing I hope an updated demo can show off is the RPG system that's mentioned. I'd love to see how it works and what not. I recorded myself playing a majority of the demo. I have a lot of silly commentary so hopefully it's somewhat entertaining (strong language warning) as well as provides a decent look at what the developers have so far. Overall, I'm looking forward to the finished product! Good luck! 


Thank you very much! And thanks for sharing! :)

We'll definitely be releasing a version of the demo with the gameplay elements later down the road, although it's hard to say when.