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Neat point and click game! Exploring the phone is pretty charming and offers a great insight into the phone owner’s life. The art style is pretty great as well! Overall, it was short and sweet. Great job on this!

Sure! You can link the video!

Neat game! Even though it was short and sweet, there was a good amount of units and buildings to utilize. I did quickly get to a point where I just created a bunch of units at once and they overpowered the enemy, to the point where I won when I wasn’t even looking! Regardless, I’d love to see an expanded version of this! Great work on this!

Holy moly, this game is so much fun! First off, there is a bit of a learning curve with all the mechanics. It does take some time to get used to. But once you learn how the game works, it’s a very fun and rewarding experience! There was a large variety of cards to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. With so many randomized options in the shop, there’s a wealth of strategies and builds you can end up with. The season mechanic adds a lot of depth to decision making as well! The actual card battles are also a lot of fun. Actions being telegraphed by the enemy helps the player with making important decisions such as what to use to get high powered and when to rest. Even though enemy actions are telegraphed there are a few surprises for those first time encounters so it keeps new players on their toes.

Some feedback:

  1. When setting up your garden, I wish there was an “Undo” button in case you plant something in the wrong spot.
  2. When Overpowered the screen has a red outline and it shows a negative impact on your health if you take an action, however I wish there was more to signal when you’re overpowered because I often ended up taking an action when I was overpowered by mistake. I think the visuals to signal this is fine but there definitely could be an audio cue or sound to play to signal this as well.
  3. I ran into a minor bug where I beat a boss and I had to end my turn in order for the game to register that the boss had been defeated.
  4. I think this game could be elevated even more with some good audio! (The BGM is great though and makes for a relaxing and focused experience.)

Overall, this game is awesome. Hard to believe this is only a demo! There’s so much to enjoy! Amazing work on this! Looking forward to seeing the full release!

Thanks for reaching out and asking me to try out the demo. I like the concept a lot! The writing was great! It painted the scenes and stories well. The art style was colorful as well. I’m interested to see how the full game turns out! Thanks again for asking me to play and good luck with the rest of development!

I had a great time playing this! The voice acting was well done! I like the art style and UI design. The mystery behind the murderer was pretty intriguing! Overall, it was a fun time! Great work on this!

Neat game! I like the Xael’s design a lot! The UI is well done. The story itself made me want to know more about Xael and Prin’s lives before the events of this game. It also made me wonder about the lore of the world they lived in. That’s a great thing to accomplish with the limits of the jam! The multiple endings were nice as well! Overall, great work on this!

This was adorable! I like the color choices a lot! The UI looks really nice as well! The story was wholesome and you did a great job telling it with the limited word count! Great work on this!

Spooky visual novel! You did a great job making the game have some genuine tension with all the jam’s limitations. Even though most of the game takes place in the dark, I felt you painted a picture of the situation really well which added to the horror element of the game. Great work on this!

Neat visual novel! The ghost girl was cute! I like the writing, I got a good chuckle from the humor! It was a short and sweet time! Great work!

I had a fun time! Upgrading your characters as they pass through to then fight a boss is a nice twist on the tower defense formula. Felt more like a management game at times which was a neat touch.

Some feedback:

  1. The presentation of information is a bit rough, but after taking the time to read everything and learn it was easy to get the hang of.
  2. Although there’s already a lot of information, I felt that some essential info was missing from the UI. First, it would be nice to see the positive and negative output of matter that is being generated so that you could plan accordingly and not spawn too many towers vs energy generators. Second, I didn’t know how many bosses I defeated so a counter for that would be nice. Lastly, once I beat the final boss, it would be nice if there was an end screen! (Unless I missed it for some reason, maybe I clicked too fast or actually only beat 4 of the bosses? Was hard to tell regardless.)
  3. Sound effects and/or music of some kind would be a nice touch. Especially if a boss has been defeated, a satisfying sound for their defeat would add a lot to experience.
  4. In addition to sounds, some visual effects for the defeat of troopers, bosses or units being upgraded would be nice.
  5. When I bought the final spawn speed upgrades, it seemed like it wasn’t taking the cost of energy, so I essentially just got it for free once I hit enough energy output.
  6. It’s a bit rough to place everything willy nilly, a traditional grid-based system to place towers might help streamline tower placement a bit more.

Regardless, I had a fun time! Great work on this! Hope to see more!

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Neat game! The switching mechanic is unique! There’s a lot of thought that goes into what you need to switch into to get to the goal, which makes it very satisfying to get to the goal. I think I broke the level in two stages even so it was pretty cool to solve the puzzles in an unintentional way.

Some feedback: 

-There were some weird collision issues with the moving platforms. I would often get squished/clipped underneath while being to the left or right of them while they were moving. If anything I would expect them to push me.

-When I gave a platform the properties of a frog and stood on it, my character wouldn’t stay still and would often slip off, resulting in death.

Regardless, I still had a great time with the game. I would love to see an expanded version of this! Wonderful job on this!

Neat idle game! I like art and presentation a lot! There’s a good amount of flavor text to read about the fish you catch, which helps kill time while waiting for catches. I also think there was a good message at the end! Overall, I had a fun time! Great work on this!

This is an addictive experience! I really enjoyed creating this tiny world and attempting to optimize as best I could. Spending prestige points to upgrade the output I get at the cost of starting the world over makes for a satisfying game loop.

If I had to give some feedback, I feel the cost of purchasing water and fire tiles is a bit too steep. I think maybe half the cost would be a bit more reasonable for both. (Just my personal take!)

Overall, this was a very satisfying game. I’m definitely going to play more of it and go for all those achievements! Great work on this!

This was a fun time! The turn-based gameplay is pretty fun, being too reckless with movements can get you killed easily, so there’s a bit of thought you have to put into moving around the grid during the early-mid game. When you get enough power-ups, it’s pretty easy to move in a circle and just watch all your weapons destroy everything without too much thought. Regardless, I like the concept a lot though! Looking forward to seeing how this develops! Great work on this!

Very charming game! The characters were cute and the dialogue was well written! I like the art style as well! The brother character gave me a good laugh! Overall, I had a fun time! Great job on this!

Thank you for playing! (Sorry for the very late reply!)

Thanks so much for playing! Also, thanks for the Linux confirmation!

Awesome and promising demo! I love the art-style and animation, it’s very faithful to Metal Slug. Gameplay-wise, controls felt tight and there was a good challenge in difficulty! Overall, I’m looking forward to more! Great work and good luck with development!

楽しい! I enjoyed this a lot! I didn’t know this was based on a popular song until I played! The game itself is pretty fun. My highest score was 2017. Great work on this, it’s a fun tribute for the song!

Neat game! The mansion had a lot of rooms so it was a good challenge to get through! I did feel a bit tense at times as well! I had a fun time! Great work on this!

Neat game! I like the atmosphere, it was very creepy and somewhat oppressive! The dialogue is well written and does a great job of painting a picture in the player’s mind. Seems like a lot of the meaning of this game will be different based on the person who plays it, which makes for a nice experience. Good work on this!

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Chill puzzle game! I like the way the mechanics of the game were taught! It felt very natural to pick up and it made the puzzle solving experience in later levels very satisfying! There are some good brain teasers! The chill music helps make this a relaxing experience. Overall, I enjoyed this a lot! Great work!

Neat game! I love the art style! The team building aspect was also fun and satisfying! I think I got kinda lucky with the recruits I rolled, but I still felt like I had to put some thought into the team I was building, which is a good feeling! I did feel like the missions ran a little low toward the end, maybe 2-3 more would have helped the end game. Overall, I had a great time! Great work on this!

Neat game! It’s short and sweet. I like the character designs, they’re cute! The story is pretty wacky and while I can’t say I understood it all, it’s still very charming! Gameplay-wise, exploring around and discovering power ups is fun! Overall, I had a good time! Great work on this!

Great puzzle game! It's a very relaxing experience. There's a good challenge with the puzzles. I like the character designs. The music helps create a relaxing atmosphere. The environment and art design are pleasant and look great as well. Overall, I had a lot of fun! Great work on this!

This is awesome! I love the design of the spirits and the world. The music and sounds help add to the dark atmosphere. The bullet-hell gameplay is simple but it’s paired well by the spirits you capture and level up. The variety of spirit’s abilities make for a good progression system and give a great incentive to use every spirit you capture. I haven’t beaten the game as of this comment but I’m definitely going back in! Fantastic work on this!

Neat game! I like the wacky concept of the game! The characters are fun thanks to the incredibly charming voice acting!

Some feedback:

  1. It would be nice if there were subtitles, but given the time limit of the jam, it's totally understandable why they didn’t make it in. If there’s a post-jam update, it would be a great thing to add!
  2. Some things like the mold and doors could use a texture to add some polish.
  3. The lady sitting at the desk gets stuck behind the door, which is very funny, but also probably a bug.
  4. Gameplay wise, I wish there was a little more to the puzzles. I was mostly swinging an axe around.
  5. I think I got a bad ending? I’m not sure how to save the character on the box in the 3rd area. Tried pushing them around but it would rubberband back to their original spot.

Regardless, I had a fun time. Great job on this!

This game is a blast! The massive amount of different units you can have allows for a large variety of potential strategies. It also makes for some very funny combinations. The different terrain and constructs you can have also adds a lot of depth to the game. I really like the art for units and bosses as well, it's a great retro throwback! I’m definitely going to be playing this a lot more! Awesome work on this!

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Fun game! It was short and sweet. Geronimo controls pretty well, dodging and attacking feels very responsive and clean. There’s a nice challenge of not getting hit at all and defeating the cat under a certain time. One very minor piece of feedback: It’d be nice if there was an “exit” or "restart" button on the end screen. (You can press r to restart, as it says on the game page, which I can't read apparently. :P) (When I played it full screen, I got stuck so I had to press alt + f4.) Regardless, great work on this!

Incredibly fun game! It’s a bit hard to control but I think that adds to the chaotic fun of this game! I like the sound effects. The music track is poppin! The quotes after each death are funny as well. Overall, I had a blast! Great work on this!

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This is a pretty neat puzzle game! The death mechanic makes for some interesting puzzles to ponder on. I like that many of the puzzles make you think about the method to get to the solution in different ways. The music was also well done! Overall, I had a good time with this! Great work!

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This is a very relaxing experience! The game is small and simple but it’s a nice time pass. You have a nice small tool box to be as creative as you want. I think it’s good that you have to earn the land tiles as it helps give players an “objective” to constantly fulfill while they design their own garden. If anything, I wish there were more colors / types of flowers I could use! Regardless, I had a good time. Nice job on this!

Neat deck-building game! I like the variety of cards. Seems like there’s a good amount of strategies and types of decks you can build to deal with enemies. I only got to level 8, but I had a fun time! Great work on this!

I had a fun time with this! The open world was fun to explore. I liked the ability to make your own surfaces to climb onto, it’s a neat idea! Collecting the hats was fun too!

Some feedback:

-My GPU was being eaten up by this game and I suspect it’s because the framerate was uncapped. (I was also getting some screen-tearing so this might further support this theory.) I think the game could use an options menu to set a framerate and/or enable V-sync. I think some lower end PCs might try to play this and have some issues otherwise.

-I was often able to see underneath the world when near a ledge or cliff.

-I saw some strange shadow effects from certain objects when the water was in the background.

Regardless, I had a great time! Great work on this!

I had a great time with this! I love the visuals and character sprites! They’re so vibrant and full of life! The music was relaxing as well. The design of the town felt condensed and detailed. Gameplay-wise, I like the errands you had to run for everyone in town. There is a good variety of tasks to do. Overall, I loved my time with this game. Great work!

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Neat dating game! I like the variety of character sprites! I also dig the score system and multiple variations of endings you can achieve! 

Some feedback: I did feel like the questions got a little repetitive too fast. Sometimes the same question would be included in the choices, it would have been nice if each question was always different.

I did run into a softlock: When time runs out, if you select "Turn" while your date is walking away, the game will be stuck on a black screen. (See 10:23 mark in the video)

Regardless, this is a neat game given the time constraints of the game jam! Great work on this!

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I had a lot of fun! I’m not great at driving / racing games but learning the driving mechanics was an enjoyable and rewarding experience. I like the track design, it was a pretty good mix of turns to master. I like the foggy mountain environment as well, it makes for a nice background!

Some feedback: Near the beginning, when driving through the small town area, I felt like the flag placement could be a bit better. I got a bit lost and missed the split there. I also started driving backwards at one point. I think areas the player shouldn’t be driving through could just be blocked off by some cones or fencing.

The game performance was pretty good! I didn’t have any performance drops. I did notice some weirdness with textures here and there. (EX: 2:17 mark in the video, the ground texture in town looks to be bugged) Here’s my specs: CPU: Ryzen 5 1600, GPU: GTX 1060 6 GB, RAM 16 GB, Windows 10 Home.

Overall, I had a great time! Looking forward to seeing more!

I had a good time with this! I love the art style, everything looks colorful and cute. The music and sounds are nice as well! Having the Panda god constantly interrupting you is a fun way to keep the player on their toes and active in the statue building process. Great work on this! 

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I used the app and the default installation path was for the jam version. I’ll have to go back and play the post-jam version to see the new fixes and additions. (One piece of feedback I had was not being able to remove roads and walls. Looks like that was addressed in the post-jam version, so ignore this feedback in the video below.)

Regardless, this was a fun experience! Building up a lavender producing empire is incredibly satisfying. The music is relaxing and it’s pretty satisfying mowing down gnomes. Overall, I had a great time! I’ll definitely go back and play the post-jam version!