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Engaging strategy game! I love the art style! The character portrait and sprites look great. The UI is well done as well. Gameplay wise, there’s a lot of decision making to do, it always feels like you’re giving up one or two resources for another. The different items and stats help add to the decision making process. The demo is pretty lengthy as well! Overall, great time!

Neat experience! Loved the sound design in this game, it’s well done! This game only seems to have one type of sound based puzzle, it would have been cool to see it fleshed out a bit more. I also didn’t understand what the mask was for? (I think it’s telling you where to go?) Regardless, it was an enjoyable experience!

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Fun time! Simple game with a lot of replayability! I enjoyed how the music tied with the gameplay. Being able to speed up, slow down or stop immediately was a nice touch that added some depth.

My only feedback is that the input when turning drops sometimes.

Great job on this! My high score was 312,350, max combo 116, level 10.

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Neat Yume Nikki fangame! I love the features that this game has compared to other fangames. The cell phone offers so many useful functions, my favorite including maps of the areas you explore. It's incredibly helpful and I hope more Yume Nikki fangames can strive to implement this. Having effects for each area of the body is a really neat touch. I also like that some effects have different colors and designs you can choose from. I didn’t experience anything too scary or even weird. This game is very tame and grounded compared to other fangames. (Though there is still blood and some implied morbid themes. I could have missed some of the scarier content though, as I didn’t collect everything.)

I hope this project goes well and has a completed version with an ending one day! It offers a lot of rich features other fangames could take and learn from! Great work on this!

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Great Yume Nikki inspired game! I love the amount of detail in each area. Being able to interact with a lot of little things helps elevate the experience a lot. It helps the player understand what kind of character Nocti is without being told directly. I like that there’s a larger story going on, but there’s also a bunch of smaller stories scattered around as well. It adds a lot of charm to the game. The options menu is pretty detailed as well which is a nice bonus!

Overall, this was a great time! Looking forward to seeing the finished version! 

Very fun and cute game! This demo feels like a very polished and complete experience. There was plenty to do ranging from solving puzzles, collecting items, and catching every type of fish. The animation and effects are nice as well.

Some feedback:

  1. I found it difficult to hear the music, so perhaps some audio sliders could be implemented in the options menu. (Or sound levels might need adjusting)
  2. When catching a fish that you’ve already caught, it is a bit tedious to sit through the animation again, so perhaps there can be a shorter way to show that you’ve caught something you already have. (Maybe a little box that shows the picture of the fish you caught over your head or something.)

Overall, this was a great time! Looking forward to seeing how the full game turns out!

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Neat game! I like the art style. Exploring the house and solving puzzles was fun too. The nice tidbits of lore hint at a story under the surface. 

Some feedback:

  1. Normally I don’t try to hold grammar mistakes against a game, however it was kinda hard to understand some lines of dialogue in this game. In some scenes, it seems like there’s something being implied or hinted at, but I wasn’t always able to understand what the characters and game were trying to say due to spelling/grammar issues.
  2. Regarding the “horror” elements of this game. Personally, I didn’t mind the loud noises as jumpscares instead of a traditional monster. Given the context, it kinda made for some humorous situations, but this game doesn’t really have anything scary or creepy. I’m not entirely sure I want to hold this against the game, cuz horror can be subjective. Still, I was spooked but not as often as I’d like.
  3. Regarding the endings, I only found 2 of the 3 endings. I found it difficult to understand why each ending played out the way it did. I feel like there’s probably a better way to steer the players in the right direction for each ending. This game doesn’t quite get there. I managed to get the Nanamori ending and the Nana ending, but I couldn’t figure out how to get that last ending! Any advice you can give would be appreciated! :)

Overall, I think it was a fine experience! Good job on this! 

I had a great time with this! Optimizing each planet was a good challenge. I love that temperatures have to be considered in mind with the planet’s orbit around the sun, great consideration and adds a bit of depth to the game! 

I think the only issue I ran into was that the music audio was a bit too low.

Overall, it was a very fun time! Great job on this!

Fun game! It was fun to control the taxi and the physics felt pretty good! The branching paths and additional coins helped add some depth to moving around when driving around. Overall, it was a good time!

Cute game! Not having traditional text dialogue for a visual novel is a pretty interesting idea. I think it’s executed pretty well in this game thanks to the great use of visuals and effects. Music was pretty good as well! Overall, it was a good experience!

Although I do not understand Spanish, I was still able to jump into the game and have a pretty good time! The art style is spooky and cute. Managing the issues in the restaurant and taking care of the customers was hectic but in a fun way! Getting a score at the end helps with replayability as well! Overall, it was a fun experience!

Awesome prototype. The art style and animations for the characters is well done! Exploring around and talking to all the characters was fun. The voices were fun to listen to! There’s some good comedy to be found. The music was pretty jamming as well!

Gameplay wise, the combat seems pretty simple. It’s usually attack three times and dodge to build up your friend meter, then use that to get some extra damage in. Hopefully some extra mechanics get added in to add some more depth to the combat. Being able to gather equipment and cook food for bonuses is a nice touch though. Hitting enemies also felt like it didn’t have any weight or impact, perhaps some additional animations or effects (SFX or Visual) would help with this.

The prototype was a bit buggy. Some of the bugs I ran into include:

  1. After defeating Ren, if you shop at her store, attempting to buy anything softlocks the game. (28:15 in the video)
  2. In the abandoned school dungeon, I wasn’t able to use any items I bought. (I did buy a bunch of apples but there were more than I bought and I wasn’t able to use any of them.) Seems like this happens if you buy too much of a single item…? (37.35 in video)
  3. When I fought Angela in the school, dying to her caused the game to softlock. (I was on her 3rd phase, but this happens throughout the game. 40:32 in the video)
  4. Vsync settings don’t seem to save after reboot.
  5. Voice audio levels aren’t equally leveled between characters. (Minor)
  6. Camera angles sometimes bug out. (Minor)
  7. Exiting to the title menu and attempting to continue does not work.

Also, I feel that the 3D objects and environments clash with the 2D character art style. It would be cool to see the entire town in a similar art style. Regardless, I had a very fun time with this prototype. Looking forward to the development of this game!

This game is badass! The art and visuals are excellent. Animations look really great as well. The soundtrack is pretty stellar, I hear a lot of 80s/90s vibes, which I love. The voice acting was pretty good too! Gameplay wise, the controls felt pretty tight! Beating up enemies is satisfying as heck.The action is fast paced but there’s a lot of different techniques to use and consider. I love that there’s different weapons to use as well. It’s also a good challenge as well, death will come fast if you’re not careful! (I played on green belt difficulty, medium I believe)

Seriously, play this game, it’s awesome. Looking forward to the full game!

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Loved my time with this game! The art style and effects were well done. I liked talking to all the characters. Some of them offered helpful tips while others were just wacky and funny! The music definitely gave me some Zelda vibes. Gameplay-wise, the combat against enemies felt pretty good!

Overall, fantastic game! 

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Cute game! The presentation is nice. The wacky characters are entertaining! I only wish the mechanics of buying the items was a little more interesting and/or fleshed out. At the end you just get a score of how you did and it felt like there wasn’t anything “rewarding” or conclusive. Still, it was short and sweet. Nice job!

Edit: I forgot to mention a bug. When you complete the game, you're given the choice to retry. However, if you retry and get to the part where you have to input a number to buy the item. Pressing Space or Enter doesn't work, softlocking the game.

Great Yume Nikki fangame! I like the themes throughout the dream world and how they reflect and tell a story about the character’s real life situation. The areas were nice and condensed and not a hassle to navigate. The music and sounds were pretty great; the flamingo effect freaked me out a bit! Overall, solid game!

Played the game and I ran into a lot of bugs. I played it both on the web browser and through the app download.

1. Sometimes text boxes will appear and disappear very quickly for some items. (EX: Squirrel Doll)
2. When trying to pick up some trash on your desk (near the computer) the trash doesn't seem to disappear. You can continue to click on the trash to clean it up adding to the red bar infinitely.
3. It looks like more color is supposed to be added the more you clean your room, but that effect never happened for me. You can use the arrow keys to add this effect (the cheat effect) but the effect never occurs naturally.
4. For the app version, after you complete the game, the mouse cursor will not appear, making you unable to select the choices. I had to force quit using alt + F4 (or by alt tabbing, then closing the window by click the X button in the tab)

This is a short, neat game, wish there was more things to interact with and do though! Music was chill! And when fully in color, it looks pretty nice!

This was a very cute and clever game! The puzzles were a good challenge, especially the later levels, which required a good amount of thought to solve. I enjoyed the colorful graphics and the crispy sound effects as well. Amazing work on this, it was very fun!

Cute experience! Being able to customize the ducks is neat. I like the fixed camera angles at parts, which felt like a nice stylization. Some of the graphics used looked pretty decent. I love that there’s obstacles and tools during the race that can hinder or help your duck.

It would have been cool to have some sort of player input during the race. Because of this, there’s not much “game” to this game. I felt like I was watching a cutscene play.

Cool project! I like the art style and the insect theme. The sound effects are crispy and the controls work pretty well. Gameplay wise, mixing in rouge-like elements is a nice spin on the RTS genre. Focusing on building up your troops through new weapons, skills, and buffs is pretty great, especially since there’s so many stats and effects to consider. It adds a lot of depth to the game. The one issue I have is that I wish there was a guide in-game to explain certain stats and aspects.

Regardless, this is a very fun RTS. Great work!

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Awesome game! This game can be a little difficult, but go into it with some patience, it's a very rewarding experience. I love the mechanics for traversing through the labyrinth. It combines puzzle solving and exploration incredibly well. The puzzles are well thought out and feel rewarding to solve. Art style and the music was pretty cool as well. There’s nothing creepy or scary in the game, but I felt that it fit a “spooky” theme well enough.

Overall, I loved this game! Fantastic work!

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Pretty spooky game! I like the art style and design. It was cool to see your inspirations for the art while the credits rolled! The characters were pretty fun to watch and the writing was well done. The horror aspect was well done, I definitely got a bit of anxiety playing the game and freaked out a bit! Although I’m personally not a huge fan of jump scares, I’m glad it was kept to a minimum and saved for only a few effective moments.

Great work on this!

Very fun time! I love the art style and the effects used. The ripple effect in the field is a cute touch. Gameplay wise, there’s a bit of intricacies and strategies you can use. There was a good amount of challenge to the game as well. The music track was catchy as well! I only wish there was one or two more levels!

Regardless, it was a good time! Great work on this!

Short but spooky game! The atmosphere was well done, thanks in part to the excellent sound design. Exploring the park was made interesting due to the enemies wandering around. Although, the engagements with the enemies felt a bit too easy. I think making the harpoon slower to reload or the enemies a bit more durable would have helped make it a more hectic survival horror experience.

Regardless, it was a fun time! Great job!

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Love the sketch-book / pencil-drawing style of this game! The character designs were pretty neat. I like the randomization of events every playthrough. I just wish the creatures themselves would ask different questions or pose different threats.

Neat game! Great job on this.

Love the sketch-book / pencil-drawing style of this game! The character designs were pretty neat. I like the randomization of events every playthrough. I just wish the creatures themselves would ask different questions or pose different threats.

Neat game! Great job on this.

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Short but sweet experience. I love that there’s a button to cuss, haha! There are some neat ways that express some minor real life inconveniences in this game. Minor nitpick but, I do think the game could have used more sounds and/or music. 

Regardless, neat game! 

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Pretty cool Visual Novel! There's a lot of content to see in the game! The visuals are nice and the character art is cute! The multiple endings are pretty great as well, it's good to know that the choices do matter a lot.

If I had to nitpick, it would have been nice to see the game's art at a higher resolution. I'm making a guess here, but I think it was an intentional choice for the art? It was just a bit awkward to play in full screen and have black bars on the sides, I wish this beautiful art could have been higher resolution, but if it was intentional, I totally understand.

Overall, this was a wholesome time! Great work on this!

Heartbreaking but it has a little hope at the end! I really loved how simple but effective this game was. It was incredibly compelling. I also enjoy how “meta” and experimental you’ve been getting with your games recently! Keep up the great work, looking forward to more!

Loved the art and visuals in this game! The use of soft colors and effects is very appealing to the eyes. I felt like I stepped into a beautiful painting. The writing was well done. The theme of appreciating the things around you is a very heartwarming message, especially during this time.

I did run into a tiny issue where the text speed seemed to reset even though I set the speed to max.

Overall, it’s a wholesome experience. Great work!

The concept is fun and well executed! Controlling the car is a little bit slippery but adds to the experience. The different weapons have their strengths and weaknesses. Having to defeat the smaller bots adds an additional layer of challenge as well! The music was also pretty good!

I did notice some issues with flickering textures. I also experienced an issue where I’ll defeat the robot, but the bridge will be destroyed and result in a game over screen. It seems like the bridge is still able to take damage during the cutscene where the robot is destroyed.

Overall, great work! It was a fun time!

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Holy moly this game is awesome. The demo is a bit janky but it has a charming PS2 sort of jank to it. I surprisingly had a very fun time playing this.


-It would be nice if your ally troops didn’t die so fast or would respawn and help you in different areas. Feels like I was fighting an entire army solo, which results in a lot of deaths.

-Although ammo and health does drop from enemies, it still felt like these resources ran out too fast. I wish there were more areas where you could refill ammo and health.

-Some button prompts letting you know you can interact with certain things would be helpful! I didn’t pick up the extra weapons in the Armory my first and second time through because I didn’t realize I could interact with the Supply box. (Might just be me being dumb haha)

-The mouse acceleration when aiming down the sites could be slowed down to help improve aim.

-It’d be nice if there was more cover to duck behind. Most battles are out in the open. It might make for a more dynamic experience if players could be a little more defensive.

Overall, I loved this! The demo was incredibly fun despite its flaws. I hope to see even more!

Pretty fun bullet-hell game! Presentation wise, it’s pretty solid! The opening cutscene had some nice artwork and small animation to it. The arena and characters in-game are modeled well. The animations for the boss were neat as well. I think the sound design could have used a bit more work, the game feels too quiet for the amount of stuff happening on screen. Feels like the game could have used a bit more energy in the sound effects and in the music. 

Gameplay wise, the controls were solid. I like that your projectiles have a limited range. I think it forces the player to be a bit more engaged with movement. Lastly, I wish that mouse cursor reticle was easier to see. It blends into the background to me.

Overall, solid project!

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Although the length is short, the narrative got to me. It was something I could personally relate to. The gameplay is simple but ties well with the narrative. It is a little buggy, some of the hit detection of humans seems off and some dialog boxes don’t seem to open/trigger properly. But it was a small and sweet experience! Great job!

The demo was a lot of fun! The two characters had a nice chemistry between them. I love the expressive sprite work for them as well. Exploring around the manor was intriguing and left some good mysteries to wonder about for the full-game. I also love the idea that there’s multiple ways to solve puzzles and perhaps the mysteries within the game as well. I kinda wish we could have seen a bit more of that concept displayed in the demo. Overall, I am intrigued and I am looking forward to the full release! Best regards!

Cool project! I like the mechanics of returning memories to characters. Seems like there will be some interesting concepts pulled from this idea. The character designs are nice as well as the art style! Hope to see more!

I’m excited to see a project that takes on inspiration from Katamari Damacy! That being said, my experience was a mixed bag, leaning more toward negative. A positive thing first: The ball rolling mechanic works well and it’s impressive to see the ball get bigger the more objects you absorb.

That being said, here’s my feedback:

-Moving around is sluggish. Having to push the ball around in addition to controlling a separate character kills the pace of the game a lot. It’s difficult to get around the map because of this.

-It’s nice that there’s different tools to use, but I feel they didn’t add anything to the experience. If anything, having to run separately to catch animals could have been avoided if you could just roll the animals up with your ball. (Would make for a more dynamic experience since the animals could move around compared to the stationary objects.) I also didn’t understand how the third tool worked at all, I think it’s bait for the animals?

-I hope this next piece of feedback isn’t too harsh but I feel this game lacks a lot of charm and personality. Picking up objects feels lifeless. Having to listen to a paper crumpling sound when you walk around gets aggravating. A bit more polish in the art direction, effect design, and sound/music design could have improved the experience greatly. 

-I also ran into a bug where my tools stopped working, so I wasn’t able to catch all the animals.

I want to emphasize that it’s impressive that this game works and functions as well as it does. That’s no easy feat and it’s way more impressive than anything I or most people could do. I hope all this feedback is constructive and helps better this game or any other project you all work on in the future!

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Very cool demo! The controls are indeed tight and it feels great to move around! I love the color palette and all the sprites and their animations. There were a ton of secret areas to find and it made exploring a joy! This project looks promising. Good luck with the rest of development!

Nice game! Controls felt pretty good and it was a simple short experience. I do feel the platforming could have been a bit more challenging. Felt like the difficulty didn’t curve properly. (Some levels in the middle were a good challenge, but some levels toward the mid-end were a lot easier)

Nice job!

Enjoyed my time with this! This game can get quite hectic and become quite a challenge. It definitely takes some practice but it can be a rewarding experience! The randomization of each tenant helps keep you on your toes and makes for a dynamic experience each playthrough.

One minor issue I had was the “Game Over” screen has the tendency to disappear quickly because I’ll be clicking all over the place. It would be helpful if there was a delay or some sort of stopper. (EX: Menu choices need to be selected to be returned to the title menu or retry.)

Great job on this!