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Neat game! Scribbling drawings as fast as possible was a fun challenge! I like all the colorful characters that showed up. The subjects they asked to draw were simple but they can be modified slightly each time, which is nice to see and adds a lot of replayability. Overall, I had a blast with this! Great work!

I had a great time with this! The concept was well executed. I thought the idea of being randomly teleported to anywhere in an open world would get annoying quickly, but it works really well! The use of QR Codes was interesting! The lore that was built throughout the game was pretty intriguing. Some details are just vague enough to leave it to the player’s imagination, which is a nice touch. Gameplay wise, the progression of figuring out the mechanics and how to use them felt great as well. Overall, I loved the experience! Great work!

Short and sweet game! I like what you did with the concept! It was pretty humorous as well. Looking forward to seeing more from you!

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Very fun and hectic game! The visuals look beautiful. I love all the quirky animal/creature designs. The music sounds great as well! Gameplay-wise, part of what makes things chaotic at first is just learning the recipes and the right order to do things. Once I started getting the hang of things, I was making orders pretty quickly and without any mistakes. It was a satisfying feeling of progression! Overall, I loved it! Great work!

Neat game! The mini-games are short and sweet. I like the game with the chicken a lot, it’s a simple rock-paper-scissors game but it kinda gives some character to the chicken! The music is pretty great! I also like the way the leaves fall randomly and how the trees have a small “sway” effect to them. It helped make the world feel a little bit more alive! Nice job on this!

Very fun time! I like the character portraits, they’re very cute! The music was pretty chill as well. Gameplay wise, I enjoyed the mechanics! Haggling prices just right can really help you get a higher score! I really sucked at the cooking mini-game, but it helped add to the fun! Overall, I had a blast! Great work!

This was a very unusual but overall compelling experience for me. I went in thinking it was going to be just a game about walking through some nice environments and while it was mostly that, I was surprised to see some “strange” elements to it. I think I kinda psyched myself out thinking it turned into a horror game, mainly because I’m a giant coward. The visuals in this game are a treat though! If I had any feedback, it does feel a bit too dark when it turns night. Although, I imagine if I was in the woods alone in the dark, it would accurately be pretty dark. Regardless, this game was a good time! Great work!

Cute game! I like the quirky characters and the art for them. The music is nice as well. Gameplay-wise, collecting the leaves works well. It’s also nice to see a few side quests! 

Some feedback:

  1. For the voice dialogue that occurs at the beginning of the game, it would be nice if there were subtitles.
  2. For the collection rate of leaves, it would be nice if that was always displayed instead of in a specific area. (I think this was a bug)
  3. When text that is italicized or underlined occurs, you can kinda catch a glimpse of the “/u” or “/i” that sometimes appears when the text is appearing. (See 3:10 in the video)
  4. Sometimes the playable character will just disappear and come back. (See 10:30 mark in the video)
  5. In the video, I mentioned that I thought the leaf blower sound was kinda grating after awhile, but looking back on it, I was definitely being too nitpicky. Just wanted to mention that here. :P

Regardless, it was a fun time! Nice job!

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Thanks for the reply! I'm using a QWERTY keyboard. Also, I forgot to mention an additional bug. When I download and launch the game through the app, I run into this error. Once again, thanks for your time!

Straightforward and relaxing game! I like the colors, catching the bugs was fun, and the music was relaxing! Nice job!

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Hello! I wanted to try out your game but I'm running into an issue: When I use WASD to move around, I'm able to move fine pressing A and D to move left and right but when using W and S to move up and down the character starts bugging out and I'm unable to move in those directions. It also seems like W and S are inverse, meaning I press W to go down and S to go up. Thanks for your time! I like the music and the graphics so far!

Fun game! It’s pretty challenging! I beat the regular levels but only managed to make it through some of the B-side levels. The music is pretty chill! I like the level designs as well! Overall, it was a good time!

Great game! The opening sequence is well done! I like the music as well! Gameplay-wise, I enjoyed using the cards in different ways to get some unexpected and sometimes hilarious results. However, I felt like the results were a bit underwhelming or repetitive on that second run. Regardless, I had a blast playing this! Great work! 

I like this game a lot! It can be a bit difficult but it’s definitely a fun and rewarding challenge! The randomization of towers definitely adds more to the challenge. There is a lot of decision making with what towers to upgrade and sell and the trade-offs that can occur from doing those actions. Overall, it’s a pretty addicting experience! Great work! 

Relaxing game! I liked the small area that was designed for the demo, the park area was my favorite. It was fun to take pictures and mess around with the game’s photography mechanics. Taking pictures based on specific requests from NPCs was fun. It was nice to get a small sample of the characters and lore.

Some feedback:

  1. It would be nice to be able to turn off the head bobbing while moving in the options menu.
  2. I’m not a photography expert but the zoom-in for the fish-eye lens always seems to be a bit too zoomed in or just feels a bit strange to use. (Maybe I just needed to experiment more?)
  3. I found myself really liking the way the park area felt alive, but I didn’t get the same feeling from being on the street areas - They felt a bit lifeless. Perhaps if there were people/animals around or maybe moving objects, it would feel more lively in those areas.

Regardless, I had fun! Looking forward to a full release!

Damn, this left me a bit speechless. It was short but definitely left an impact on me. Great work on this!

Whoa! I didn't expect a sequel to Otter Island! Looking forward to this!

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Short and sweet game! The cathedral looked really nice! Both holy and demon sides created a good sense of atmosphere. Gameplay was pretty simple, just exploring around unlocking doors. Kinda wish there was a little bit more to the gameplay like a puzzle or maybe some way to make the sword on the character’s back useful. Regardless, it was a good time! 

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Incredibly fun game! I love the art style and the overall chill vibe. That “look” feature really added a lot of flavor to the game. Not only do you learn some fun lore about the enemies and items, but it also helps you determine what items might not be the best to pick up. Each run is randomized enough to engage the player in a good amount of decision making. Luck does play a part, but there is enough knowledge the player can learn to help get through the game a bit more efficiently each time. Every time I died I thought “Okay, just one more time and I’ll beat it for sure” until I eventually did! It was a wonderful feeling to have! Overall, amazing work on this! 

Pretty difficult game, but it’s a fun time! I just really suck at it. 

The following is all based on just the 1st level, which I didn’t even beat so keep that in mind when reading the following opinions: I like the different weapons and abilities you pick up along the way, they’re pretty neat and interesting! There is a bit of resource management when it comes to these items given how limited some of their usage can be. The enemies can be a bit tricky especially when mixing them with the brutal amount of traps in each room. A part of me feels like some of these traps are a bit… cheap? But it does feel like there are ways to prepare yourself for each one so I’m a bit on the fence about them. I definitely felt like I was getting better at the game and more knowledgeable each death though, which is a great feeling. Lastly, the options menu had some nice features as well. (Thank you for having a toggle for screen shake!)

I did run into an issue where volume levels weren’t equalized. For example,the main menu’s music was louder than in-game’s music volume and some of the other menus.

Overall, I can definitely sense your passion in this game, it’s a fun time! I might come back to it when I’m looking for a rougelike to grind through! Great job on this!

I tried playing your game but I think it desperately needs a tutorial of some kind. Right now it's very hard to tell what to do to get even something basic to work or what my goals are. As soon as I start the game it's a bit of information overload with all the recipes and evolution view unlocked as well. A more scaled down demo with a well-crafted tutorial might help people get a better idea of what your game is trying to go for. It looks neat so far, I like the ideas presented in the description, but it's hard to understand gameplay in the build right now. Hope this feedback is helpful. :)

This is a great puzzle game! I like the art and presentation of the game. The music is very relaxing. The ending is pretty surreal as well.

Regarding the puzzles themselves: They can be a bit difficult, but that makes solving them that much more satisfying! I had to use the optional hints after a bit of trying to connect the dots myself and getting a bit stuck. Even though I used the hints, I still felt that I had room to “solve the puzzle” rather than just be outright given the answer in some cases. I think it’s a bit subjective though because I can totally see some hints straight up giving the answer in some cases, which may not be to everyone’s "hint" tastes. I personally thought it was balanced fine though. There were only two puzzles I had to look up the solution for.

Again, this was a good game! Definitely go into it blind if you’re interested! 

Awesome stealth game! The Metal Gear Solid 1 aesthetic was executed incredibly well! The mechanics feel great and play pretty close to MGS1. I like the animal character designs, they looked great! The music was also well done.

If I had to give some feedback, I felt that the controls could be tightened up. Often I found myself a little uncomfortable with holding a few keys down to try and do multiple actions at once. A controller implementation might help to alleviate this problem.

Regardless, this is an impressive project. It was a ton of fun! 

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Neat game! I like the presentation and the art style of the game a lot! Gameplay wise, the game may start slow but it gets to be pretty hectic! My only feedback is that it would be nice if players could play each level individually, rather than starting over from the 1st level each time. It’s a bit discouraging to force players to play through every level again if they’re having trouble on an individual one.

Regardless, this was a charming experience. Great work!

Neat game! It’s short and sweet. The dream worlds are pretty intriguing. The music is nice. I like the PS1 aesthetic as well! I like the way the player is guided in the darkness by figures they can see in the distance, it was a neat touch. Overall, this was a compelling time! 

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Incredibly fun game! The level design and environments are well done. The music is awesome. The characters and enemies have fun designs to them.

Gameplay wise, the game feels great to control. Collecting and stacking power-ups to make your character more powerful felt great! There is a good variety of different abilities and upgrades. The enemies are challenging enough to keep me on my toes at all times. I played on normal difficulty, so I can only imagine how hectic it gets on higher difficulties. The different difficulties and leaderboard also adds a lot of replayability.

Overall, this is a great time. Amazing work! 

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Thanks for the update and the guide! One more piece of feedback: It would nice if players could install and launch the game through the app.

I had a fun time with this game! I like the mix of comedy and horror. There wasn’t anything straight up scary but there were some creepy moments. The music was well done and helped build some atmosphere. Some of the dialogue with the characters is hilariously wacky and I got a lot of laughs from it.

Some feedback:

-There are a lot of spelling and grammar issues. (I know some of these are intentional but I’m referencing text outside of those situations)

-It was a bit strange that there were specific spots to save the game, but I could go into the menu and save the game anywhere.

-For the puzzle involving “everything” (trying to be vague to avoid spoilers) it would be nice if the puzzle would account for capitalization of letters. This might lead some players to think they had the wrong answer to the riddle when they probably just didn’t use the right capitalization.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find one of the five endings. (I’m missing Bad Ending 1) Perhaps you could write up a quick guide to point players in the right direction for each ending?

Overall, this was a great time. Keep up the great work!

Fun time! I love how hectic and challenging the game gets as you rack up more curses. The bonuses you get from completing a stage quickly or with no hits are also a great touch!! The music is a jam as well! Great work on this! 

The mix of visual novel, rhythm game and typing game is a neat concept! I like the art a lot, the scene was colorful and had some fun little characters in the background. The animations for the main character were also fun! The music was cute and catchy as well.

Some feedback:

  1. I think the biggest issue for me was the way the UI was set up. There are three main areas where the player’s attention should be focused on. First there’s the top bar, which includes the rhythm bar and the text for the game. Second is the breathing ring near the bottom middle. Lastly, there’s the stress bar to the far right. It’s not that the placement of these elements is necessarily wrong but in the case of the breathing ring and the stress bar, these elements don’t stick out and draw my attention as neatly as the top bar does. I had to spend a little more effort keeping an eye on those elements on the screen. Translating that into gameplay, it means I’m missing potential notes, rhythm timings, and readable text while I scan the screen for information. Perhaps a potential solution to greatly alleviate this problem would be to combine all three of these bars into a single neatly compact UI element which can communicate all that information to the player instantly.
  2. It would be nice if you could skip the intro, or at least speed it up a bit.
  3. When you complete the game, the text appears as “Game Over” which can be a bit misleading. It should probably say something along the lines of “Congrats!” or  “You did it!” 

Regardless, this was a good time! Again, I like the concept a lot! Great work. 

Wholesome game! The art style is charming. The characters were quirky and cute. It has a good sense of humor as well!

I downloaded the web version off the app and when you start the game, instead of playing the opening animation, a black screen only shows. (See video for reference)

Overall, this was a fun time!

Cute game! I like the art style a lot, it’s a feast for the eyes! The music is very relaxing. I looked through the art book as well and it was interesting to see your thoughts and ideas come to life!

Honestly, I’d love to see you try your hand at making a more expanded game with the washitape graphics! As an example, I would love to see a Yume Nikki fangame made with this art style. The combination of exploring dreams plus the washitape graphics could make for a beautiful visual experience.

Overall, I had a fun time playing this! Great work!

Great concept! The use of distribution curves as platforms is pretty creative! Some of the puzzles were a good challenge. The music was pretty poppin as well! Great work on this!

Cute game! It’s a relaxing experience! The characters are adorable and quirky. There was a good amount to explore as well! Great work!

Thanks for the tip! Managed to complete the game, it was a great time!

Incredibly fun game! It can be pretty challenging but I felt like I was getting better and better each run. (For the most part lol) I like the way the capriblood was incorporated. On one hand you need them to survive and restore health but on the other, saving them up can help upgrade your character faster. It adds some good decision making to the player’s resources.

I do think the movement and controls could use a bit more tightening up. I like that I can use a dash then dash into another direction. I also like that I can dash once more if I dash through an enemy. This adds a lot of quick-reflex strategy that helps flesh out the movement based combat. Sometimes however, I always felt like I should be able to cancel out of a dash quickly into a jump or another dash. Not saying this is how the game should work but it did give me that desire of wanting those mechanics in some capacity to help smooth out moving around. This combined with some awkward enemy and hazard placements as well as some awkward geometry in some parts can cause needless damage or even deaths, which can make for a frustrating experience.

I also used a PS4 controller, but was kind of surprised I wasn’t able to use the control stick to move around. Was there a reason for this? (Or did I miss something in the settings? Or perhaps it’s still in development and I’m just impatient! lol)

Overall, this was an incredibly fun time! As of the writing of this comment, (and creation of the video below) I only made it to area 2-3, but I’m definitely going to try and beat this on my own! Great work! 

First, I’d like to note that I wasn’t able to complete this game, so please take this into consideration with this feedback.

The things I liked about this game: Exploring a map in the dark with an enemy constantly stalking you is a fun idea. The way the Entity’s eyes light up in the dark and fade away constantly is a nice effect. It feels and is threatening. Being able to counter and knock back the Entity feels great thanks to some clean sound and visual effects. As you progress the Entity becomes more and more aggressive adding to the tension of the situation. The fact that this is all happening while you’re navigating a pitch black environment helps create a truly intense experience at times.


I did not understand the objective of the game. I have a clue what it is but there definitely needs to be much more clear communication about what the player is trying to accomplish. The hints given after you die can point the player in the right direction but they seem to be randomized and are only shown after the player has failed. I’m not saying that the game can’t be mysterious or vague to help elevate the game’s world, but it’s hard to connect with that world if the player is constantly lost on what their objective is in it. Although, there is a part of me that kinda thinks the constant dying and vague clues might be tied into the world building, but if so, it is still a frustrating experience for me.

While I adore the exploration while under a constant threat, the map design needs some work. I understand that I’m supposed to be practically blind and balance lighting the way while fending off my attacker. This is a great challenge but the map still feels vague and disjointed. While some glow flowers do make for some landmarks, much of the map looks the same and it often felt like I was wandering around some of the more repetitive dream world maps in Yume Nikki. Again, that might be the point, but from a player’s gameplay perspective, it still makes for a frustrating experience.

I’m torn because I like the concept a lot but there’s definitely a lot of design decisions that could have been reconsidered and improved. I don’t want to be too harsh either because this was made for a Game Jam so I’m sure there were time constraints and cut ideas. I definitely think that this game is worth playing if you’re up for a challenge. I hope you guys continue to work on more games because, despite its shortcomings, this was definitely compelling in many ways.

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Neat game! The concept is simple but it’s very engaging! There’s a lot of strategy on how to dig into the cave and who to rescue first. I often got too focused on one side of the map only for me to realize that the other side is starting to flood and there were people suddenly in danger. It can get pretty hectic on higher difficulties! Overall, it was a great time! 

Neat project! The visuals are very colorful as is the character art. I like the ideas explored with the themes of music, specifically the crafting system has a nice concept going for it. I’d love to see a more expanded version in a future game.

I did run into a bug where I got stuck in place and couldn’t move. Thankfully I could just teleport back to the crafting area, but there might be some geometry I got stuck on? (See 4:50 in the video)

Overall, this is a charming game! Great job!

Neat game! It was short and sweet. The visuals are pretty impressive for a game boy game. Music was nice as well! Although there wasn’t anything too complicated with the gameplay, it was still a compelling experience. Great work!