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Cool Headed beta

A topic by Joqlepecheur created Mar 01, 2018 Views: 77
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I am happy to present you "Cool Headed"

Cool headed is a puzzle game inspired by lemmings. You never directly control characters, but give orders and watch it unfold.

The game is played as follows:

  • click on the level on  the overworld map
  • choose your team, and click on "go to configure orders"
  • give the orders:
    • boot order will set the initial movement of the bot
    • order 1-2 etc choose skip(no order) move x seconds or wait x seconds
    • end loop will be the last thing the bot does (move or stop indefinitely, or auto destruct)
  • click on deploy and watch it happen :)
  • click on "observe" at your leisure to take good decisions

Lots of secrets are awaiting to be discovered...

This is the first commercial game I ever release, already one and half year have been spent on its creation :)

Demo is free, and beta build contains more than 80 levels. The first person to tell me what is the best time possible to finish the first level of the first world will be awarded a free download key ;)

For now, game is available in english and french.