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Dance of Bullets

A topic by madve2 created Feb 28, 2018 Views: 67
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Dance of Bullets is a bullet hell shmup I worked on around 2012-2013, and now I decided to dust it off for the #ropegamejam.

Looking at the current selection of bullet hell games, while there's definitely a plenty of them, there's one aspect of Dance of Bullets that feels unique to me: its flexible, highly extensible and easy-to-create format for levels, enemies and bosses, that could make it possible for everyone to create their own bullet hell shmup without programming knowledge of any kind.

And I can safely say, the prototype I released for the jam holds up to this promise! (But if you are not into creating your own levels, the included 3 levels are also fun!)

Best of all, it's free & open source! Download it here

Thanks for stopping by!