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[Art] [Unity] I want to make a little game with someone else.

A topic by zimura created Feb 27, 2018 Views: 393 Replies: 2
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Hello, if someone else likes to makes little games, and feels like this is a good idea, then let's talk about it.
I have some experience in sound, c#, pixelart, 3ds Max, Unity.
I first want to know if someone is interested, if someone is interested then I probably will offer ideas, and listen ideas if that's the case.
Made this game,
Well,  i'm curious to see if I get a positive reply.

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aye i'm a unity programmer/level design i made this game for a school project -> . Check it out and  if you're down to talk, add me on steam ->  i would give you my discord name but there's no private message(or i'm blind) and im not so down to drop it in the open.

heyyyy i got an awesome idea, i know what games we could make, it will be about lucid dreaming and sci-fi/drama/comedy, i can remember over 100+ dreams which i have been wanting to sahre to make a game of? or aniamtion or something

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