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Medial Carving

A topic by valhallaCNC created Mar 14, 2022 Views: 172 Replies: 3
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HI Charlie...

Update looks good, upgrade went smooth. Glad it didn't change my UI custom colors .

I was trying to do a simple V-carve using a SVG load image/vector as raster layer. When I set the medial axis carving in the operation , I have set my cut depth and max depth to .2 , Contour Z to 50% , Depth offset to 0. When I generate the cut it barely carves the surface. If I use profile operation it will cut to the correct depth. The only way it will get to depth on medial carve is if I change Depth offset to  a positive number in this case .2   This is the first SVG I tried using. Any  thought on what I'm doing wrong ? Thanks in advance Joe....


Hi Joe,

The medial-axis carve will only cut as deep as the flute length of a V-bit, and only as deep as the corner radius of a ballnose cutter.

Make sure your canvas Z size is deep enough to accommodate the depth of the cuts that are needed - along with the layer's Z size, unless you modify your contour Z to stay within the layer.

For example:

The V-bit is a 90deg 1/2" diameter and has a flute length of 0.25", so that's as deep as it will go. The canvas + layer Z size is 0.25" to accommodate the full flute length of the V-bit.

Hope that helps!

 - Charlie

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I got all sets up perfectly with words or other objects. It only seems to happen on the one  SVG file. I haven't figured out whats different about it yet. GOT IT... I have to load vector as a paths- layer then generate a shape from it . Then it carves  correctly. Must be something peculiar about that SVG file .


I'd like to see that SVG if you don't mind shooting it over at

The internal rasterizer that takes an SVG and generates a raster-layer from it might be doing something that we can change, or at least look out for when parsing and rasterizing the vector image.

I'm curious how the Shapes From Paths differs from the raster-layer when directly creating one from the SVG file.

Feel free to send over the SVG and I can take a look and let you know what the situation is with it :)

 - Charlie