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What does the Copy# numbers mean?

A topic by Sarainia created Mar 14, 2022 Views: 216 Replies: 2
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I saw each copy number goes up in price but what do they even mean?

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

I think that artificial scarcity for digital stuff is funny as a concept so each copy bought directly is numbered and can only be sold once with the next person having to pay more. Like how there are limited runs of some luxury items which are made in limited quantities once and never again. There's more info in the pricing section on the page. I also want people to actually be able to play games in this pack so at times there may be other ways to get them which don't count as "numbered" and don't make the game more expensive for others. 


Fair enough, yeah I own just the basic one as it came in the Ukraine Bundle, I may or may not get around to any of the 6 due to the fact some Devs put more than 1 game up, which make mini bundles within a larger bundle I would say their likely is approx 1100+ games actually, in short my Steam Library is like 1350 games, so you can see why the Ukraine bundle has got me a bit busy going through it all lols, at least I helped a good cause, even if some things I found from various people in the bundle makes me raise a brow and ponder lols there is everything from ebooks, to printout games, to music, to basically anything tbh, atm I'm a bit lost what to do with all of it actually "[{however your "Planet Shader Thingy" I will check out, that looks cool btw.)]"