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Oberon's Call: A idle game where you collect pretty guys.

A topic by CyborgNachte created Feb 25, 2018 Views: 147 Replies: 1
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Hello, I'm Nachte. I'm from Texas and this is my first game and my first time being a developer. I'm a Comp Sci student in university and I'm very new to game development but not very new to art. 

Oberon's Call is being written in javascript use Phaser with the goal of being a free idle browser game that you collect cute guys in. I'm not trained in javascript, just Java and some C++,  so this is very much a learning experience. 


Oberon's Call is an incremental idle game. Like Cookie Clicker, or Kittens Game. Except instead of cookies and kittens, its cute anime husbands. 

You play Oberon, King of the Sidhe, trapped inside a crystal prison by a human kingdom that has long since died out. As the wylds encroach the crumbling city, your cries for help can finally be heard. But it's hard to say if you and those who come to your aid will be able to accrue enough power to free you before the advancing army of humanity comes to recapture this forgotten kingdom. 


  • Collect Boys
  • Level up those boys into cooler looking boys.
  • Small talent trees for each Fae you collect, customize what your fae are better at gathering.
  • A time-travel based prestige system.
  • Equipment system via simple crafting shops, equip your fae so they bring you better stuff!
  • 10 unique Fae to collect via multiple resets until you can collect all 10 at once.
  • Hand drawn assets all by me.
  • More plot than none at all, and some cute character development for your anime guys.

Gameplay and Artwork



Just me, Nachte. I'll be working on this during my weekends and a little during the week.


Programming tasks in the order I want to tackle them.

  • fae collecting/summoning system
  • tooltips!!!!!
  • gathering system
  • level up system
  • shop/crafting system
  • reincarnation/prestige system

Art tasks in no particular order

  • get all 10 fae fully designed
  • finish the buttons for the gui
  • start concepting out how I want the submenus to look. (smooth stone? Brick? Something very different?)
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Update 1

  • Created a system for summoning fae and set up the bare bones for their object framework. 
    • Works via an array that we check the length of, generate a number from it and then take that fae, mark as owned and prune from array. This should keep us from picking the same fae twice without having to use more than one list to accomplish this. (just an unowned list, instead of an owned/unowned list like I initially thought about)
    • This system should allow for very easy additions, as I can merely append new information to the fae objects without effecting this choosing system at all.
  • Finished/finalized the design of one of the fae, the Sidhe. 
    • I know he's going to be a knight, perhaps loyal to oberon before his capture? He's going to be the best fighter out of the ten, good at getting materials from the more combat oriented areas. 

(his name and other information is still very up in the air.) 

  • Started work on the buttons for the left side of the GUI. 
    • Finished an initial sprite sheet for them, but its not uniform with the other button and it was kind of a lazy implementation.

(the second and third sprite are created via a simple add layer and a colorburn layer. It's quick and easy, but in practice it looks out of place compared to the glowing text of the struggle button)


(changed it to this, on second iteration, but I'm still not perfectly happy with it. It might been a black or dark outline, but it also might look fine once all the buttons are in place.)