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Asteroids.X playable in your browser

A topic by UnderdogPixel created Feb 23, 2018 Views: 322 Replies: 1
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Hello arcade & retro friends!

I'm making my first steps in game development and I'd like to share my progress with those who are interested in watching this project grow.

The Project
Asteroids.X is a shoot'em up arcade game set in space and a clone of the classic Asteroids game. Mixed with modern features.

The Features

  • 3 different weapon types. Everyone with its own characteristics.
  • easy to learn, but hard to master ship navigation.
  • 2 different boosts that enable at intervals.
  • 5 different power-ups
  • playable and executable in your browser (no installation needed)
  • global high-score table
  • your high-score will be submitted. Outstrip your opponent.
  • and more coming up in the next post

Current state

At the moment the game is in early-state but still very advanced. It is playable and the link to the game will be posted here next week. I tested with friends and a small internet community the very basic game mechanics and feel. There will be improvements coming up in every detail.


The Goal

is to create a nice and decent shoot'em up web-game for everyone. To achieve this I need some help from retro, arcade and shoot'em up fans that are interested in this project and like to look on how a game evolves to final stage. You can discuss good or bad game features/changes and mechanics, criticize loudly or quietly, play the latest build and compete against others or just stop by every now and then for screenshots, soundtracks, gameplay videos and short making-of clips. Also planned is a community-homepage but for now following this blog (Bookmark or Subscribe) will do the rest.

So, let's get the show on the road!

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Sunday-Report | no. 1

I'm going to start with a gameplay video. This is the current state of the game, it will be uploaded and playable for free in your browser this week.
Graphics are still a little mix of the prototype and the reworked elements. As you can see, some details are missing (check out the Concept-Screenshot above). However the main mechanics of the game itself are fine and almost finished. Currently I'm optimizing the UI and working on the "Power-Ups-List" to find the 5 most important or coolest PowerUp-Ideas which will be posted here in a few days. Anyway, back on topic: Here's the gameplay video for you.