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Looking for creators for the "There are Zines on Bundle"

A topic by Metaparadox created Mar 05, 2022 Views: 256 Replies: 6
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Hello! I'm hosting a bundle to spread the word that there are zines on and bring attention to zine creators on the platform! If you make zines on Itch and want to participate, here's the sign-up form, which has more information about how the bundle will work:

If you just think it's a cool idea, feel free to spread the word by retweeting this tweet:

Thanks for your interest! If you have any questions, feel free to ask here.

Olivia M.

I might be able to assist. Is this just assembling games like zines or do we have to make a zine themed video game?


Neither. This is for people who make zines (preferably not games in zine form) and have already got them on their Itch accounts. The bundle is to raise awareness that zines are already on Itch. I've got a zine on my account called Let's Make a Zine if you'd like an example of what I'm talking about.

you do know that this is a video game website, right?


There are entire categories on this site for Books, Comics, Tools, and more. Also, it's a major hub for indie physical games (tabletop rpg, card games, LARP, etc.) Not just for video games. This is exactly why I'm hosting the bundle



so you may have a point, but I, the Grim Reapers unknown cousin that no one cares about, DO NOT ACCEPT BEING WRONG! (i apologise for being rude)


Hi! This is a great idea, I've got one zine up already and plans to post a couple of others (just need to pdf-ify them) so I'll submit those too after they're online :) Excited to see more zines on this platform, I think it's a really great space for them and this is a lovely idea to encourage more visibility!

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