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Dream of Me | Escape-Room Game

A topic by Thunderent created Feb 21, 2018 Views: 227 Replies: 1
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My name is Robert also known as Thunderent.I've always had a passion for escape rooms(games or real-life counterparts) so I started making my own about a year ago and constantly added more and more things.Recently, I decided to take a leap forward and release a demo of it so other people can experience it too!


An escape-room or an escape-world?

Dream of Me is a first-person Escape-Room game with an eerie atmosphere and a mysterious storyline behind it.You play as David, an aspiring photographer and part-time alcoholic.Woken up suddenly by aggresive knocks on the door, David comes to realize that there is something eerie in the place he woke up in, even if it's familiar.Even though his eyes might not see everything around him clearly, his trusty old camera might.Guided by a mysterious character, David must escape from something he can't even comprehend...yet!

The playtime of the demo is quite short : 10-20 minutes depending on your puzzle solving skills.However, the essence of the game lies in its little details.The narrative of the game relies heavily on clues and objects found around the world for puzzles or for the story aspect.There is no narrator, no cinematics.You are put into a world where the characters are shaped by the things which surround them and the worlds they live in.

Future Developments

Even though at this moment only a short demo is available to the public, the game is much further into development.Some of the screenshots show a few new areas which will be part of the final release.

Game Page

Link :

Thank you!

David's Room

David's Bathroom

A shady alley after rain.Carl's Bar

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