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Awesome pack! Good job!

No problem! Hope you'll enjoy the game and thanks for playing!

I don't have the IG app anymore(a few weeks of social media cleanse to boost my productivity).
Here's a wetransfer link with the game : Alternate download (it will expire in 1 or 2 weeks).

I tested downloading the game on different machines and it works for me. It could be a problem with the server.
If the problem still persists, PM me and I'll send you a link to download the game. :)

Thank you for the kind words, KaiPandorica!
The game is still in development. Working hard to deliver a pleasant experience to everyone in the final release :)

Thank you!
The game is still in development, working hard on it. No ETA on the release yet :)

Thanks for playing, Spoonage!
I will surely go more into the "is this real?" aspect of the game in the final release.I will also make it more dramatic in the first scene too when looking through the camera.

Hi, Kevx! Thanks for playing the game!
It's not really a normal-life game as the world in which David is in is not truly real. The camera is able to see things which are behind the simulation and are hidden from David's view.It will be explained better in the future with a better introduction to this mechanic.

Thank you for playing,Lumps Plays!
The small pop-up texts appearing through the video were something unique.I enjoyed those, also great play!

Thank you for playing, Cyberwolf! I really enjoyed the video!
I plan on having the camera mechanic a little bit better explained in the future and also make the "hidden" objects easier to see.

Thank you for playing, CjuGames! I'm working hard on the game and all these videos are a great source of feedback.
I'm aware of the spelling errors and I plan on proofreading the texts multiple times before releasing the final version.

Hello, Raithias! Thank you for playing the game.
I'm sorry for the issues which you have experienced.I plan on having a hint system in the future releases to avoid getting stuck.

Thanks for playing, Hatertots! Hilarious video, I really enjoyed it!

As for the grammatical errors, I'll try my best solve them.English isn't my primary language so I'll have to get someone to help me proofread the text before release.I'll also have better tooltips and helpers for the controls and the Camera game mechanic.

Thanks for playing, MutantGamer! I enjoyed the video!
Hint system is planned in the final game.Meanwhile, I'm working hard on it!

Thank you for playing, cmodplays!
I've noticed people being confused about the camera and photographing mechanic in multiple videos.I'll try to introduce it better in the final release of the game.

Thank you for playing, ferocioustoast!

Thank you for playing my game, TheVisionaryOne!
I will try to offer additional explanation within the game(in future releases) on how the camera and photographing objects mechanic works.It was quite "rushed" in the demo.I should've introduced it better. :D

Thank you, roy_g for writing the review.Very well written.It expresses the things I had in mind while developing the game, exploration and story.I am glad the game "shines" in the aspects which were planned.

Thank you, PseudoGrimm!
The game will feature many more environments.The story is a lot deeper that what's been shown so far.Hopefully I will be able to express it right.

Thank you for playing my game, Overpoweredpeaches!
Enjoyed the video!

Thank you for playing, GameGabe!

Thank you for playing!
It's good to see the game played on different specs and how it behaves.

Thank you for playing!Enjoyed the video!

Thank you, JackOLondon for playing the game and for the feedback!
The first room(hallway) was meant to be seen as kind of a nightmare from which the character wakes up from, and not the actual simulation.I will point it out better in the future releases.
The amount of places you can get stuck in a small room like that keeps suprising me.Thanks for telling me! ^_^

Thank you for playing! I'm sorry you haven't managed to exit the room, I plan on adding a hint system in the future releases.

The game is intended for a slow-pace, no explosions and such. :P

Thank you!

Thank you for playing my game, GrannyJo!
I apologize for the issues you experienced while playing.The video has been very helpful.It helped me see which parts of the game need a little bit polishing(or more).

  • I don't know why the audio wasn't working in the beginning.In other playthroughs it worked just fine.Maybe the Audio Slider was turned all the way down?
  • In the next update of the game I will put a description of the controls in the scenes so people won't have to pause the game to look up controls and also offer more detail about the Camera game mechanic when picking it up.Quite immersion breaking.

P.S : The "Horray" was a left-over message which I forgot to remove.Sorry about the inconvenience.

Thank you for playing my game FalconGaming!

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Really catchy game! The mechanic of operating different lights with two hands at a same time proved to be quite challenging, it's one of the first games I play that uses this king of thing.(operating mechanics with two different hands at the same time).I liked it, and when I thought I only need to point lights at fixed, what do I see?!Color combinations! :D

Feel of the game

I liked the fact that I noticed quick improvement in my skill and it was easy to get back into the game and ramp up to my previous score.The music was fitting and plays along nicely.The art style looks well-made.


The controls were a little bit challenging in the beginning but I slowly worked my way up to better skills through my replays.A thing though : Maybe make the text that shows the controls A/D <-/-> a little bit bigger or brighter.I managed to figure them out quickly, but only noticed the text on my fourth re-play.

One thing that bothered me is that the lights can go 360 degrees and behind the stage.When I accidentally moved them behind the stage it took a while to put them back and I lost precious life because of that.It was a little frustrating.It think it would be better if they would only rotate in an 180 degree arc.Unless rotation 360 is part of the gameplay?(I didn't get to the boss part, my skill is still terrible).


Exiting the game crashes it for some reason.It gives me (Not Responding).

Thank you a lot, CoalFire for playing my game!I truly appreciate it!Subscribed!
I am glad that my original intentions of having environmental storytelling have been noticed.It was a crucial part of making the scenes.All the little connections and tiny details took most of the development time.

The feedback was very constructive and detailed and you commented on a few aspects which I hadn't noticed yet and was pleasantly surprised to hear about.A few responses based on your commentary:

  • I agree that the rotation controls need a little bit(may more) of an adjustment.I used to joke with my friends that David being a severe alcoholic, has trouble manipulating and holding objects.I will look into this issue.
  • The audio parameters might have been tuned a little bit too high in this latest build.It could've been my faulty new headphones because I turned the overall audio source volume a little bit higher before building the demo.
  • The story will continue with David.He is the protagonist of the story.
  • There are many other scenes which have been developed but are not ready for release yet.I will keep everyone updated on the progress and hopefully in the near future the full game will be submitted to Steam AND final version).


My name is Robert also known as Thunderent.I've always had a passion for escape rooms(games or real-life counterparts) so I started making my own about a year ago and constantly added more and more things.Recently, I decided to take a leap forward and release a demo of it so other people can experience it too!


An escape-room or an escape-world?

Dream of Me is a first-person Escape-Room game with an eerie atmosphere and a mysterious storyline behind it.You play as David, an aspiring photographer and part-time alcoholic.Woken up suddenly by aggresive knocks on the door, David comes to realize that there is something eerie in the place he woke up in, even if it's familiar.Even though his eyes might not see everything around him clearly, his trusty old camera might.Guided by a mysterious character, David must escape from something he can't even comprehend...yet!

The playtime of the demo is quite short : 10-20 minutes depending on your puzzle solving skills.However, the essence of the game lies in its little details.The narrative of the game relies heavily on clues and objects found around the world for puzzles or for the story aspect.There is no narrator, no cinematics.You are put into a world where the characters are shaped by the things which surround them and the worlds they live in.

Future Developments

Even though at this moment only a short demo is available to the public, the game is much further into development.Some of the screenshots show a few new areas which will be part of the final release.

Game Page

Link :

Thank you!

David's Room

David's Bathroom

A shady alley after rain.Carl's Bar

Thank you a lot for playing the game on your channel!Subscribed and also encouraged some of my friends to check it out!
I like the fact that you took time to explore the little details.Took note of your suggestion - more Romanian books will be added!