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Idea: Allow links to a game as a submission

A topic by AraKlay created Feb 20, 2018 Views: 53 Replies: 1
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Recently, there's been some good, and new, engines out there that allow developers to create their own .IO game and publish it online. I made my own game with it and was informed my game successfully publish, but can't find it anywhere! The game I want to put out there uses a link to the website only, but the submission options did not allow links as a valid submission...

Is it possible for you to allow people  some other option to submit games (like website links) instead needing files to download? Forgive me if there is a reason against, I am new and could not find much information about this issue


The best approach right now is to create a page that in the description contains a link to your game. We are experimenting with a iframe embedded version of the game page, but sadly many IO games do not have https support which breaks our security requirements.