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Shopkeeper Simulator VR - Re-Live your childhood dreams!

A topic by glocksoftware created Feb 19, 2018 Views: 133 Replies: 2
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Hey everyone,

I have been experimenting with VR development for a while now and I finally managed to make a small game in Unity.

Your mission is to spend a day in a grocery store serving customers! Rack up as much points as possible but be aware that you also need to resupply groceries with your points! You can even play as a giant so everything looks small like in a children's store :)

I would be very grateful to everyone who tries out the game and leaves a comment!

If you want to focus on specific topics I am interested in, these are:

- Do you like the general idea of selling things in your own small shop?
- Do you feel comfortable in your shop space? It is arranged for the minimum recommended space of the HTC Vive.
- Is the feedback system (visuals/sounds) for correct/incorrect items pleasing?
- Do you have any performance problems?


What did you create this with???

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I created it using Unity, Blender and SteamVR. Thanks for trying it out!