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Carnival of Carnage Early Access Release!

A topic by Tsuyoi Raion created Feb 17, 2018 Views: 149 Replies: 2
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A carnival possessed by demonic forces, spawning demons,
ghouls and all sorts of heinous creatures.

Carni Carnage is a Survival Horror Top Down Shooter,
shoot, dive, survive and give em hell!


  • Fast, Action based gameplay
  • Various weapons
  • Various Enemies
  • Large play field
  • GameJolt integrations (trophies, leaderboard, etc.)
  • Detailed options menu (gives you various settings to change for optimization per computer)
  • Keyboard/Mouse & Controller functionality available
  • Realtime Weather
  • Realtime Compass (use key press to show/hide compass to find enemies across the scene)

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This is very classic.. I liked the presentation...

Thanks ^_^