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Export G-code

A topic by valhallaCNC created Feb 22, 2022 Views: 161 Replies: 2
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Hi Charlie:

Most of my projects are cut-outs after carving. My project are X-Y zero centered. When I export it includes the canvas that could be bigger then the project. If my project is off centered from the canvas my X-Y zero is centered my project, but takes into account the whole canvas as exported size, not just cut layer. I have been using size canvas to layer , to get around this. Example if my canvas is 24 x 24 and my project is 8 x 8 it exports the 24 x 24 as overall size. Is fitting canvas to layer the best way to avoid this ?  

Thanks Joe


Hi Joe,

I'm having a hard time understanding what you're trying to explain. The G-code export isn't affected by the canvas dimensions, not directly. The canvas dimensions only affect the size of the area that toolpaths can be generated within. The canvas origin affects where the machine zero will be expected to be by G-code that's exported for toolpaths - that's the only thing that directly affects where G-code coordinates are output relative to.

 - Charlie

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What you can't figure out my clear as mud explanation.....I figured it out,  all my layers were not on the same  X-Y zero. I must have moved one. Shifted my project off center.   It seemed like part of the canvas was included , It was user error. Thanks joe