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SalesBundles NULL support

A topic by Agger Interactive created Feb 14, 2018 Views: 161
Viewing posts 1 to 1 says that taxes for EU sales get collected and cut off from the payout.
This really happens on a payout.

So in the EU we have to create a kind of 'bill/receipt' about the income (at least in Germany we have to) and can get back the taxes.
For this the EU tax ID number and adress of is needed.
Btw. this is not my idea bt the law.

I tried a dozend times to contact the support for these information but no reply.
Hey, this is unreliable! Do you really collect the taxes and transfer it?

Has anyone got these information or a workaround so I can finish my work?
As mentioned above - support doesn't reply on any mail and step by step I get kind of pissed off  :(
They don't even say 'no we can't give you these information' - they just say NOTHING!