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To The UltraViolet, a Free Mobile Platformer

A topic by totheultraviolet created Feb 14, 2018 Views: 191 Replies: 8
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"To The UltraViolet" is a mobile platformer that I wanted to do because I had a good concept in mind (in my opinion), and always wanted to make a game. 

I couldn't make really polished graphics (I'm a programmer, not a graphist), so I used the minimalistic style to make the style of the game. I was inspired by "Super Meat Boy". 

In the game, you're "Ultra", a little violet square, lost in all the rainbow colors. Your goal is to reach the ultraviolet color by passing through all the levels, killing your enemies on your way. There are 70 levels, there are 9 kinds of enemies on your way. 

You need to go through the 70 levels in one go, and you need to kill every ennemies to go to the next level. Every level will bring you closer to the ultraviolet color (think about the rainbow, from the red to the violet). 

In term of gameplay, I like to think that it is a mix of Mario and Bomberman. Mario because, well... It's a platfomer ! Bomberman because you need to kill enemies by throwing bombs. Because I couldn't make some 2d animations, I used the unity particles system to make really cool effects that I am very proud of.


  • 70 levels
  • 9 kinds of enemies
    • left / right 
    • shoot up
    • shoot left/right
    • follow the map
    • follow the map and shoot
    • jump / go down
    • follow the player on the map
    • flying in air
    • Divide in 2 enemies when killed
  • throw bombs 
    • you can throw 2 bombs simultaneously
    • you can throw a bomb by pressing on the B button 
    • you can shoot in the bomb by pressing on the B button when you're close to the bomb 
    • you can shoot the bomb upward if you're close to the bomb and press UP button
  • multiple mechanisms to jump :
    • normal jump 
    • long jump (just keep on jump button)
    • double jump 
    • micro jump when launching bomb
  • Bonus objects 
    • Fire from top
    • Fire in 4 directions 
    • Lives 
    • Mega bomb 
    • Colors : you need to collect 7 different colors to get a life and all ennemies will be killed. You have an indicator on the upper right of the screen
  • Lives
    • You will start the game with 3 lives. Every 10 levels, you will find a permanent life, so the next play you will start with 4 lives an so on. The further you go, the more lives you will start, the easier the game will be. 
  • Map
    • Spades 
    • Teleporters



This game is free, but offers very optionnal in-app purchases. You can buy some lives, the ability to launch an additionnal simultaneous bomb, and to remove ads. 

There are very few ads, only if the player wants to continue after a game over. So if you want to play freely, without any ads, you just have to restart after a game over. I think it's fair, feedbacks appreciated.


Landing page

Google Play Store

iOS App Store

My twitter Page


I would like to know if this game may have potential. I have done 80% and already launched a beta version on Android, iOS will come soon. I could launch it on other patforms as I use Unity but this is not a priority. 

I may add a final boss if the game finds its audience.

Thank you very much for reeding ! Hope you like it ! 


Nice! You should link to the game page as well. Speaking of which, will you also make it possible for people to buy from here?

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Thank you, I added the page into the links section. 

The game is free, I don't know if anyone would be interested to buy it for windows, its format is well adapted to vertical mobile screen, not really for desktop. If there is a lot of demand I could adapt it however.


I didn't mean for Windows, you can sell Android games on just fine.

Oh, I didn't know that. 

I suppose I would have to remove in-app purchases and ads right ? Why not, actually... I will wait to have a really polished version before, I don't want to make people pay for trying the game. 

The big next step is iOS version, I hope really soon !


We don't have a rule against those, to the best of my knowledge. I kept using the word "sell" out of habit. Even if you make the game free, people would still be able to pay something for it if they choose to, unless you disable that option. But you know best. Good luck either way!

The game was way too hard, mainly because you had to restart from the beginning each try.  I spent time to make 70 levels, so it was really sad that the players were discouraged after only 15 levels. 

So I added a checkpoint system, you can now restart from the level 10, 20, 30... Hope this will give courage to the players :D 

iOS Beta version available :) The facebook share isn't working but well... it's playable ! Hard to test without iPhone though, had to borrow...

Apple App Store

Android and iOS versions are now 95% done ! I'm looking for feedbacks, maybe there are bugs hidden somewhere... But for me it's finished, playable, already 12000 levels done by more than 300 players :)  

I keep the 5% left to fix bugs if someone find one, but for now it's all good.