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Seul. (Alone) The Entree.

A topic by Paranormal Games created Feb 13, 2018 Views: 158
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Seul.(Alone) The entree. 

They’re all lost. You know...

A game. (almost) It’s an entree.

#3 Parts ( = nothing, well something of nothing. )


A philosophical thriller. The choice of the path depends on you. But you can only pass through, you may not stay.

..Come and watch the sunset at the beginning of the day.

Made by Paranormal Games.

(Slip Into the dark)...

Where you find yourself SEUL.(Alone)


A choose your own adventure,  game?

"Anyone who is familiar with the likes of Twin Peaks will feel at home with the madness & innovation on show here."

"Seul.(Alone) ticks all those boxes & is up there as one of the finer ‘choose your own adventure’ style games." 7/10 GBHBL