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I made a remake of SLENDER in 3 DAYS While taking care of my Little daughter.

A topic by Tzion Games created Feb 10, 2022 Views: 57
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I started it last Saturday Night and Finished today. But my time was reduced because I needed to spend time with my little daughter, since her babysiter is sick and my wife works in a Hospital. So... I became a hero dev and super dad!

Slender is by far one of my biggest inspirations and also one of those which motivated me to create horror games.

I was stressed these days, dealing with depression, lack of money and developing my second Game DeathOmen, I was up to give up everything.

I needed  to stop and have have fun this weekend.


In this game you will face the challenge of finding the 8 pages left behind, while being chased by the Slender.

The map is not a copy of the original, I was free to re-design it so that your experience is new!

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