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A Birdman Emulator: the Beginning of Nowhere

A topic by Eelstork created Feb 08, 2018 Views: 84
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Hello! Hello! Good morning, Good evening, Good day
...and Thank You very, very much for visiting this page.

A Birdman Emulator, the Beginning of Nowhere is a re-make of a surrealist exploration/platform game I created circa 2013.

The original was called "Game Degree Zero". 


Still find it extremely hard to articulate what this game was about but I figure the idea was "just enough" of a game world that some players would find themselves compelled to follow a narrative structure (bring your own story) and strive to complete all the levels.

Clarification: this game has both a mobile and a desktop version (if you want the mobile, search "A Birdman Emulator" on iPhone/iPad), which is why you are seeing on-screen controls in the demos.

There was/is a whole sense of limbo/no-whereness that pervaded the thing and got carried over to the sequel. The here "Emulator" is a copycat, a look-alike, a memento and a fake (of my own original game) which celebrates (and exceeds) its predecessor.

How does it work? You visit mysterious environments (most stages have bizarre automata or easter eggs to discover) (these are, in fact, Archetypes), then, finding portals you zap inside the Transistor, a perilous labyrinth that will make you rage quit (the later levels, of course!) and possibly destroy your gaming PC (sorry, no refunds). 

And this goes on until... no spoiler. Usually I charge a fee for this game but since I wanted to be inclusive for #FFSjam, it will be free until voting ends. 

Below you will also find my final play-through of the original "Game Degree Zero" (the ending is different, of course). Many thanks if you read this much. Now - in case you really are after the iOS version, and penniless (or stingy, perchance?) the lowest you might get this (could be zero) will be on Valentine's, the 14th of February 2018. 

Hello! Hello! And Goodbye! See you  inside the Birdman Emulator.

You are still here? Then I will answer a couple of questions.

  • Is it inspired from Slenderman? No. The faceless character is a by-product of the original, super simple design. It's also because the original character, PK, represented..., the player. The suit came later. I forgot why but mostly because it just felt right.
  • Is it inspired from the Birdman movie? Nay. I've seen it but, well. The name Birdman came up after I added the chicken legs.
  • Did you add the chicken legs because of "Chicken attack"? I wish I did but no. This happened before Chicken Attack. The reason I added said chicken legs has something to do with how a tiny difference disqualifies a being from counting as human. At some level, I also acted on impulse, enjoying the specific power of being an evil fairy gifting its progeny with unwanted appendages.

Enough of this. Go play.