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PixelCNC: CAM For Artists

CAM software developed by artists for artists to create unique and original works on a 3-axis CNC router or mill. · By Deftware

Ease of use

A topic by valhallaCNC created Feb 07, 2022 Views: 102 Replies: 1
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Hi Charlie :

No hurry answering this. I've used pixel for several project now, I mostly do signs. One thing I have noticed when I'm designing a new project I have several layers in my design space. When I go to the project operation page I have to make sure I have the correct layers  visible. I may have several operations for a project and have to keep going back to the project canvas page  to enable or disable layers. When I make any changes I have to go through the whole process usually several times. A suggestion for you to think about, if you had a list of viable layers in the each operation and  you could set a layer as active for that operation. That would be separate from the project design page, then you would not have to keep going back and forth. Hope you could understand my explanation. Maybe it is just my work flow and I need to adapt more.

Thanks Joe...


Hi Joe,

Thanks for the feedback. I was thinking something similar - where you could define layer "groups" that act like their own separate canvases and then for each operation you would specify which layer group to use to generate toolpaths from rather than just using the canvas in its state at the moment when you calculate the operation's toolpath. A layer would be able to belong to more than one group, etc.. It's something I've been kicking around and will keep it in mind :)

 - Charlie