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Phantasm: Rondo of Revenge [Demo Available]

A topic by Monster PVRTY created Feb 07, 2018 Views: 189 Replies: 3
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Hello all! I'm just now discovering this forum, despite me having an account for some time now lol. So here it goes.

Phantasm is an action-platformer where the main goal is to punch bats... 'n ghosts. You also compete in different party-style  gameplay modes such as Ballistix (4-way pong), Balloon Party (pop the most balloons), Frenzy(enemies and power-ups are everywhere!), and many more. You can also expect boss battles, and "Adventure Stages", which are... well, I'm not gong to spill the beans on that one just yet.

The main mode is Classic Mode. The goal is to simply reach a score of 100, and you gain points by killing enemies and collecting gems. Killing enemies in trickier ways will nab you more points. For example, knocking a bat into a wall isn't worth much. But knocking the bat into an enemy, punching an enemy projectile and having the explosion kill enemies within the small radius are worth more points..

The latest beta can be downloaded below:

*This current build is for Windows and is compatible with Xbox controllers (a controller is strongly recommended over the keyboard)

The latest stuff I've worked on is mostly the other modes, graphics, music, sound effects, and certain other things I can't mention yet until I'm sure if I want to keep them in or not.

Any feedback or any found glitches/oddities would be appreciated.

It's Like PVP Game or One Player Vs CPU?

Multiplayer may become an addition, but my main priority right now is to tailor the game for engaging/fun solo-play. 

That Good to Know, Thanks