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CubeKiller: A mysterious but fun low-poly game

A topic by Jingcheng_Yang created Feb 04, 2018 Views: 145
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I'm the creator of CubeKiller, a Unity powered game on Mac and Windows.

CubeKiller is mysterious, it may look simple and fun, but the story behind is . . .

complicated, lots of stuff need to be uncovered to understand the full story and where you are.

Besides the mysterious story mode, CubeKiller includes a fun Endless game mode, including random level generation and increasing difficulty. Hardcore mode is an alternative to StoryMode, you beat all the boss and enemies in one level.

CubeKiller will be including way more features, such as custom maps, live scoreboards, local-multiplayer, player customization . . .

This is my first game, I hope you enjoy it!