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Interact>Email --Option for an email template?

A topic by Ultra Runaway Games created Feb 02, 2018 Views: 95 Replies: 1
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For emails to buyers that are about game updates, a template function would be useful.
These emails tend to be largely similar in structure, so if I could copy a prior email (or save a template) and just change the version number and the notes about what changed in the version, it could save some time.


Hey, sorry about taking a bit to get back. This sounds like it could be useful, but also a bit of a specialized feature request. We haven't had anyone else ask for this. Given that building an email template system is complicated, I think for now the best option would be copy and paste :). The rich text editor should handle you pasting from a formatted document, so you can paste from a previous email and make edits.

If we get more people requesting something like this then I don't think it would be unreasonable or us to explore this in the future. I definitely think there could be more tools for sending out emails since they are a valuable way to promote your work.