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[Artist][Hobby/Experience]Looking for artist to work on some casual projects

A topic by DanTay0803 created Feb 02, 2018 Views: 368 Replies: 4
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Hey, I am looking for a 2D and or 3D artist who would like to team up and work on some casual projects to gain more experience. I will be programming the games in Unity and I am looking to just make whatever comes to mind. My main aim is to make small quick games and put them online for free but I wouldn’t be against making something larger in scope, I also have a Google Developer account so I could put the better games on the Play Store.

Ideally I would like to find someone free during the week after 7PM UK time to work on the games for an hour or two; this is due to my job. At the weekends I’m free pretty much anytime so we could plan out when is best for you.

If you want to know anything else send me a PM or leave a comment, you can also see some of my projects here

Hi there Dan,

I am a 2D artist and hopefully 3D soon (I am learning Blender). I would like to gain some experience and collab on a game. Let me know what you had in mind for your project. I live in LA, 8 hours difference. PM me or comment if you're interested.

Hi Dan,  I am a 2D artist too, working primarly on top-down RPG layouts and pixel art.  I too am learning Blender.  I would love to find some other people, programmers, developers and artists, to work with so that I can learn more and get experience.  after 7pm UK time also suits me perfectly because I am UK based and that is when I get home as well.

email me if you would like to discuss more -


Hello DanTay!

It would be nice to work on a team to gain experience. I also use Unity, currently I'm kind of a generalist because I'm not on a team and I have to compensate on all areas but my main focus and what I want to improve is 3D modelling.

Here is my page so you can see my current experience:

I'm from Mexico (6 hours behind) so there is no problem with the schedule. If this interests you don't hesitate to contact me back.


Heyy u should defenetly send me mail i like to make 2D animations and characters .

I use blender combined with flash would be fun to try something!!!

Mail me at