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Awen (Early Access)

Procedural Tabletop Fantasy Setting Builder · By LeviKornelsen

Solo playtest and digital aids

A topic by TheGiftOfGabes created Jan 25, 2022 Views: 61 Replies: 2
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Hey, I want to try Awen for a solo playtest. I was wondering if you have a google sheet or another form-fillable format for digital aids.

Not yet?  I'm *hoping* to find time to get together some form-fillable sheets and similar after it gets out of early testing, but right now everything seems too likely to change after any test for me to want to make multiple formats.

Also, fair warning: For a solo test, if you go past about four cultures, Oh God There's A Lot.  Even at that level, it's pretty dense stuff.

(Also also, if any of your test ends up public, let me know where, so I can pore over it and also point people at it.)