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Hey, did you ever come around to this? Just wondering :)

Hey, I used one of your assets!

Awesome work!!!

feel free to hack it or make an add on in that format. I’m hoping to get back to this with a little graphic visualization.

Drop any links you recommend to me or others here.

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looks great to read now! also, I’m a fan of this and instant dungeon!

Hey, all of the red on the page hides the download button and othe buttons. Could you change the link and button colours to contrast against the bg red?

Oh word! I’ll use it for where :)

How can I dm you? Pick a game of your choice from my page I’ll send it to you!

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The dice image is not from canva though. This is the source..

That said I did not notice it until you pointed that out. I’ll replace the asset in question.

EDIT: the irony is that I liked the image because it looked like it was scrawled by hand instead of made with vectorial lines :/

EDIT 2: Done!

No problem! Let me know if you have further questions.

here you go:

It means that now you have a game from your community copy is all. When you get games from community copies you are claiming a copy for yourself.

I have no idea what any of this means

I just don’t get preference. Could you explain a bit?

hey, I could be wrong but I remember you had a world generator somewhere too and I can’t find it at all! is it available anywhere? love your generators :)

took me forever but there is an update! check it out if you have the time!

I have been thinking about this when using different dice.

Part of the fun is that the tn is a number that is meaningful in superstitions and what not so what about the numbers 7 and 4?

If you use a d10, you can make the target be 7.

If you use a d6, then the target is 4. Think of those dice that have blue pips except for numbers 1 and 4. Another benefit of the d6 is using dice pools.

Anyways, what a smart little mechanic.

this is fantastic!

So is the art machine-learning-generated or is it made by hand by a human being?

Nothing for it at the moment. I have a few other things to finish and a few other things to get back to. I am very unlikely to touch this any time soon. Thanks for asking though.

Also, itch post feeds are rss compatible but I don't know how, I found t a while ago!

I am glad you enjoyed it! Drop me a line when you play to let me know how it went :)

The toolset is intended for game creation tools rather than prep and gameplay.

Most importantly, tools built around "AI" won't make into the database.

Thanks for the contribution!

Hey, there is a new update on yhe play store. Is the version here the most up to date? thank you for the awesomest dice app ever!

oh wow this is so good!

Take something cool you made and make it HORROR. I like your style. :D

Thank you so much! I greatly appreciate the comprehension and encouragement!

The only true answer to the question...

What was the question again?

I added this to!

Thank you! You make me blush :D

Hey, I made this:

Players who play on Role can add it to their play rooms. Message me about it if you want!

This is REALLY GOOD!!!

This is simple, which is a lot! How do I delete tables though???? They won't go away!!!

Looking forward to further implementations and features!

This is awesome! And you can create and share rooms for syncronous play? Holy moly!

This is WICKED!

This is WICKED!

It does what it says on the tin and I appreciate the extra blank template!

This is neat as heck! It makes me a bit dizzy with the amount of info, but I suppose if I was hellbent on using it I could get accostumed. That said, I wonder if some colour coding could improve it?

I love that still you provided a lot with a sample, and blank templates of the dice. Theoretically you could draw on the blank templates and make paper dice with the dungeon drawn on too!

It's windows only so there is no way for me to try this on linux right now. Still pretty cool!

It does what it says on the tin! It's great that it has 3 formats too, which is a lot more than many templates offered. I'd add affinity publisher and in design templates too if possible, since a lot of people use them.