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Post your bug reports here. Sticky

A topic by Nutty Fox Studio created Jan 30, 2018 Views: 109 Replies: 3
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If you find any bugs then let me know here!


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The mac game version still won't let you save.  After selecting save, it says "Loading" and then this error: Loading Error.  Failed to load: img/faces/Xtrapeople.png.  Retry.  

I *think* I managed a pseudo fix by going into the img/faces directory, copying and pasting an existing people file and renaming it the missing file--Xtrapeople.rpgmvp.  That did create 3 new saves each called Path.  Trying to load any of those (which I did by accident) brings up a new missing audio file error.  However, I could now save the game. 


I'm back now from my hiatus, I'll look into it further.

Hi, I would like to say I am enjoying the game, but a major bug is stopping me from getting much play time in.  Anywere after I start the game from 2 to 7 minutes the game just freezes.  i try to hit escape to get out and hear the noise of the escape button loading but nothing happens and all is still.  The music keeps running but nothing else does anything and then I have to do an exit with the X in the top right.