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I think you are probably right.  I had forgotten that information about the mouse until it came up later.  I haven't had that issue happen again, but I've also been keeping track of the cursor :D

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Wow, this is really in-depth!  I think I've logged about 3-4 hours and have barely touched all the possibilities.  I did discover another issue.  I got to the mine, and every attack targets characters in the party and not the enemy.  The only attacks I could get to target the enemy were the magical group spells.  I tried various keys to move the target, but nothing worked.

*Edit: So, I shut the game down, and the problem resolved itself.  I'm not sure what happened, but after restarting, the actual enemies were then targeted in battle rather than the allies.

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This looks like it will be a really great game.  I'm on a mac, and it runs great except for this error when I go to get out of options: UnknownError.  Error: EPERM: operation not permitted, open ' long directory name/ Application Supportconfig.rpgsave'

*edit: I downloaded the game and ran it outside of the itch app, and had no problems with the option menu, so I *think* it's just some sort of pathing issue within the app. 

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The mac game version still won't let you save.  After selecting save, it says "Loading" and then this error: Loading Error.  Failed to load: img/faces/Xtrapeople.png.  Retry.  

I *think* I managed a pseudo fix by going into the img/faces directory, copying and pasting an existing people file and renaming it the missing file--Xtrapeople.rpgmvp.  That did create 3 new saves each called Path.  Trying to load any of those (which I did by accident) brings up a new missing audio file error.  However, I could now save the game.