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Wow, this is really in-depth!  I think I've logged about 3-4 hours and have barely touched all the possibilities.  I did discover another issue.  I got to the mine, and every attack targets characters in the party and not the enemy.  The only attacks I could get to target the enemy were the magical group spells.  I tried various keys to move the target, but nothing worked.

*Edit: So, I shut the game down, and the problem resolved itself.  I'm not sure what happened, but after restarting, the actual enemies were then targeted in battle rather than the allies.

Hey Synthesis,

I am happy to hear that you are enjoying the game. I packed a lot of content into the game and the better you are at exploring, the more you will get out of the game. I am thinking that the targeting problem you experienced was due to the mouse. If the mouse arrow/cursor is on the screen it has higher priority over manual target selection, so be mindful of the mouse.

I look forward to your continued feedback. I am hard at work on the next big update.

I think you are probably right.  I had forgotten that information about the mouse until it came up later.  I haven't had that issue happen again, but I've also been keeping track of the cursor :D

No problem, it happens.

I am working hard on the next big update. Anything you would like to suggest or add could make it into the next release. ;0)