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Thank you, I appreciate it. Thanks again for your time and for your tips.

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Ah, thanks for your input and time.

- I have one, I am not crazy about it, Imma work on finishing up a new version and posting ASAP!

- Yeah, I wonder if itchio has a place to spotlight certain games.
- I will, got FB, twitter, Instagram and other forums
- Ah youtube! I havent posted there in a while, thanks!
- I already have.... it's in review.
- Ah yes, gotta make the demo awesome!!

Hello guys!

I would love to know how I could get more feedback for my game that just launched on kickstarter. Do you think advertising on (is that even possible) would help garner more feedback?

Game Download (PC, Mac, Linux:

Game Browser Version (Use chrome):


lol you can do that?

Anyways no prob, enjoy, let me know what you think.

I am busy on the next big update.


Are you using the Chrome Browser?

Sorry for posting so much but I think I may have found something that helps..... when you attack an SV enemies it seems dragon bones takes over and automatically idles them so they dont do the damage animation for the SV enemies.... and when they attack etc it reports that action is not defined which I am sure can make other animations fail etc...

I found a bug that breaks SV battlers when you install dragon bones (I tested 1.05 and 1.07)

This problem affects some of the enemy SV animations (especially the enemy damage animation)

Some people may think theirs has no issue but I am sure if you look closely your SV enemy damage animation is missing. To check, use enemies like the slime or a bat.... instead of the damage animation it will simply move back slightly and flash.... thats broken.

(ALSO to make battle test works correctly when you change the scripts you have to run the game, then close it, then test battle again for updates to take effect)

hey hey!

I checked out your game and I ran into a few problems.

1) When the bridge collapses, and you try to enter the alternate path..... I get stuck in some kind of dark cave. I cannot see my character and I try to go in every direction but I still cant find myself. I am forced to just quit the game. (Thats why In my game, due to lighting, I always have a small ball of light appear on the main character so that the character can always be seen.... this is done on time check and inside when there is darkness)

2) When you go back on to the site to play again, the game automatically does new game start even when I had a file saved in slot 30.... I had to go into a new game and quit to title to have the ability to load my saved game (just have it check to see if a save file exists). 

3) I also don't know why it chose slot 30 for my saved game. What if someone wanted to save in a new slot for a new game? Do you have some sort of auto save that is forcing this? (I also have autosave in hardcore mode in my game on hard difficulty. In normal mode or in non hardcore games players can choose their slot and save and load when ever they like.)

When you fix it let me know and I will check out the game some more.

Remember if you are taking a break from your game check my out lol, use chrome though. ;0)

I ran into a loading error! The game wont play. mystic png when I selected the intro.


Makes no sense.... I can upload mine and mine is nearly 2,000 files..... You can also notify them and they can fix it and update the file limit.
OK, I will!

Check out my game with chrome lol.

lol I hear ya. I get on issues right away myself. However I wont bother with multiple browsers, as long as the game works fine on Chrome I am fine.

I have time to work on the game but I do have a lot of distractions. I have been working on KG for more than 3 years. 

There is a lot more to my game than initially meets the eye. It gives a very interesting story that opens up and allows for many personal decisions that opens up new game play mechanics etc.
Anyways I hope to be near finished with the game by the end of April.

Good luck! Can't wait for the browser version!

Ah I see. 

Ah I never used Opera.... I just use chrome and Safari and the game works just fine. Well the final game is not meant to work for browser anyway so I wont worry about the Opera issue. Once the game releases officially on STEAM I will maybe keep a short browser demo available.... maybe lol.

Thanks. Yeah, just let me know when it's ready.

Do you plan on creating a browser version I can play? I found your game but it was download only.

Give me the link when the browser version is ready and Ill check it out (I have a Mac)

Indiexpo is pretty dang good. You can also upload here equally as easy now, before I couldnt upload my game because of restrictions but now I can because they updated and changed it.

I am glad it worked out for ya. I will def check out your game! Thanks!

They used to have a strict limit on file count and size, not any more.

My game is 350mb and has nearly 2,000 items. They removed the restrictions and the game just now has to be less than 2 gigs.
So go ahead and upload the whole thing if you like, my game right now can takes more than 15 hrs for someone to complete lol.

If you wanted another site that doesnt have restrictions you can try I also have Killer Gin hosted there. 

Both sites, I can easily upload my whole game.

I hear ya, I am in the same boat as well. Getting more and more players is tough. My game is not that popular yet on and much more popular on but it also has been there much much longer. My game is mostly available like this for play testing purposes, when it dome it will be released on STEAM.

Is your game a browser game? Perhaps when you feel burnt out on your game, you can always give another game some pay time. I wouldnt mind checking out your game (Im on a mac) to hep out from time to time.


I was planning to start creating the end of the game about a month ago but I kept getting side tracked.

The Darkest Dungeon light mechanic and the diablo difficulties and hard core mode were simply too tempting to pass up.

Of course this came with implementation and testing phases.

Now that the game is back to being dependable and stable I plan to create the end of the game now, been in the idea phase for far too long. I also will go back and polish the elf, dwarf and lakeside villages so they have much more detail and fun like shinatas village and add many more interesting sidequests. Then I will expand homestead. That is the plan for now.

I always take everyones advice into consideration, especially those who take the time to write to me, I appreciate it. Feel free to write anytime.

 Let me know what you like, dislike, what is broken, suggestions,..... tell me about the easter eggs you found etc.

Here is one easter egg I am not sure you have found.... did you know you can play as Wedge? Even beyond the intro? Hehe have fun!

Thank you very much.

Always great to have people test KG. Sometimes new features can break the game in unexpected ways and it's always nice when people catch it and/or test to make sure its all fixed.

I hope you like all the new mechanics. 

Now I can work on creating the end of the game. Then I will go back and update and polish everything before its release.

No problem, it happens.

I am working hard on the next big update. Anything you would like to suggest or add could make it into the next release. ;0)

Hey Synthesis,

I am happy to hear that you are enjoying the game. I packed a lot of content into the game and the better you are at exploring, the more you will get out of the game. I am thinking that the targeting problem you experienced was due to the mouse. If the mouse arrow/cursor is on the screen it has higher priority over manual target selection, so be mindful of the mouse.

I look forward to your continued feedback. I am hard at work on the next big update.

Thanks. There is a lot to it, the more you play, the more you discover.

Ah, yeah, there might be an issue with the Itch app which is unfortunate. I am glad to hear there is no issues in the stand alone game.

Well Thanks for the post and I look forward to your continued feedback. I would love to hear what you like/dislike etc. 

The Killer Gin Kickstarter has Launched!!!

Please take a look and let me know what you think. 

Feel free to share with anyone that may enjoy old school RPG's.

Link: <a href="" target="_blank" data-ft="{" tn":"-u"}"="" rel="nofollow" data-lynx-mode="origin" data-lynx-uri=""></a></p>

PS: Killer Gin Updated! Version 0.9.9 Released!!

<a href="" class="_58cn" data-ft="{" tn":"*n","type":104}"="">#killergin</a> <a href="" class="_58cn" data-ft="{" tn":"*n","type":104}"="">#IndieGame</a> <a href="" class="_58cn" data-ft="{" tn":"*n","type":104}"="">#demo</a> <a href="" class="_58cn" data-ft="{" tn":"*n","type":104}"="">#STEM</a> <a href="" class="_58cn" data-ft="{" tn":"*n","type":104}"="">#STEAM</a> <a href="" class="_58cn" data-ft="{" tn":"*n","type":104}"="">#PC</a> <a href="" class="_58cn" data-ft="{" tn":"*n","type":104}"="">#MAC</a><a href="" class="_58cn" data-ft="{" tn":"*n","type":104}"="">#Scholarship</a> <a href="" class="_58cn" data-ft="{" tn":"*n","type":104}"="">#videogame</a> <a href="" class="_58cn" data-ft="{" tn":"*n","type":104}"="">#gamergirl</a> <a href="" class="_58cn" data-ft="{" tn":"*n","type":104}"="">#kickstarter</a></p>

No problem, thank you for your interest. 

Hello Violette,

Thank you so much for asking. Fear not, the Kickstarter did not start yet, it has been postponed to March 21st. I just forgot to update it in the most recent update of the game.  A great way to track the progress of the game is through facebook or the official Killer Gin Website.


Facebook Game Page: