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Great fun.  

Great fun.  

I LOVE this game.  It's a lot of fun.  Thanks for making it.  I'm only starting day 3 but I love this so far.  :)

thank you will try then

is there  a way to change the language to English.  This looks promising but can't play due to non english  instuructions and dialog.

Looks like something I would try.  what are the features of this game?

Might I suggest that you make it possible to get the second quest which you need to read and not have the slimes attack while your recieving your quest.  Makes it hard to get the quest if your dying.

It's a really cute adventure game.

I liked it, the graphics were nice.  I like this type of style.  What I don't understand is why the skills work sometimes and not others.  They don't respond very quickly to me.   I died but still had fun till then.

so far I like it.  I love these types of games.  I can play them for hours.  Okay it runs smoothly, looks pretty.  My one complaint is that I couldn't figure out how to change tools and interact with objects.  I found the KEYS option in the menu and played around with it.  Maybe saying what the different keys are for Keys 1 to 3.   I had not idea what the difference was between keys 1 or keys 2 ect.   That would be most helpful.  I understand this is alpha stage.  What I would like to see is more stuff on the propperty.  it looks barren right now.   Like bushes, flowers, a barrel and maybe a bird or two.   I hope this helps you.

thank you, i think I might have been missing a step.

It hink I've run into a bug.  i started over and went to add a stone to make an axe but it wont create it.  I add the stone and I press to make the axe but it doesn't make it.  I tried starting over a 3rd time and the same thing happened.   

thank you.

Thank you for your reply.  I will try again.  Maybe I was too slow.  Does it have to be in capital letters?

I have a small suggestion because this was confusing not knowing this.  Please show in a number how many skill points we have to spend.  It keeps telling me I've gained some (4 I think) but it wont let me take the campfire thing.  It shows 2 in red for that circle so I thought I had enough.  Maybe I'm miss understanding how it works.  Help please.

Your game looks like it will be amazing, but I can't get past the tutorial.  I think I'm missing something.  For magic in the tutorial and the spell that they give you I can't figure out how to cast.  I keep getting and sound suggestion what I did was wrong.   I don't undersand what DW stand for to do the spell.   No idea what I'm to press.  It dont' like d and w.  I still get it wong.  It's not the timer,  I just don't know how to use the buttons within the timer period.  I'm used to rpgs have played the rpg maker ones for years.   But for the life of me I can't figure out what to do.  Some help please.

thank you

thank you

I need peaches for a quest but not sure where to find them so I figure i need to buy a peach tree but don't know where to buy them either.  I keep going to the farm on west side of the map with the orchard and bees but he's never selling anything when I go there.

thank you.  That helps a lot

Can you tell us more about it  so I know if it's something I like or not.  Just cause it looks great, which it  does, doesn't tell me anything about the game.

It keeps telling me I need an update the launcher and then says there is no launcher up date to use.   What am I missing.

i found a bug.  I do a battle then the experience banner pops up.  I go to hit done but will not exit out of the expierience banner.  This can be a game breaker for me because I can't see much of the screen like that and end up getiing into another fight which I can't do because the banner is in the way.  So I just exit the game.   This game seems fun except for that flaw.

Good job so far though.  Pretty easy to understand without tons of reading of instructions.  Fun too.

I really like this game.  it's a good mystery as to why others are dying and a good story line.  It's a lot of fun.  Thanks

Thank you I will look more up there then.

Hi thanks for the help.  your right the forge does work as far as I can tell.  But I don't know where to get or buy coal for the forge.  Any hint would be nice.

I've enjoyed this so far.  I save up to get the forge or one of the projects fixed for 50 stone but the instant I ask sven (I think that's who it is), the blacksmith he takes the money but the game freezes and I loose all progress for that day.  So I have to hit windows button to get to the game to close it because it's stuck on that screen where I buy the fix for the forge.  Can you check this out so I can continue playing please.  Thank you.


Found the cave.  I can't go past the outpost north and can't get inot the swamp and on the map that has the bee hives I can't get to the next section.  I'm not sure where I can go next.  Suggestions?

I really love this game but I can't find the cave for the moss by the lumberjacks.

Any help would be appreciated.   But I've been havinga blast so far.  Awesome game

I thought it was the full game.  Unless I missed it saying it's a demo.  I wanted to play more, so I'm dissapointed that this ends so fast.  I did have fun and really enjoyed this.

thank you I will check.

Why can't I save my game?  No matter where I try to save at the book I get nothing but a beep noise.

I  had fun but died after getting both a boar and a hornet corner me.   I couldn't heal.  When i tried it didn't work.  And the quick attack didn't seem to work on the hornets.   Maybe because I was paralized.  That's probably it.   Yes there are some places to fix the wording of the game but the meaning is clear enough to understand.  keep up the good work