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download and pc

It would not let me save my game.  I kept getting this canclation sound when I tried to save.   Is the game saveable or am I doing something wrong?

thank you.  That helps a lot

Can you tell us more about it  so I know if it's something I like or not.  Just cause it looks great, which it  does, doesn't tell me anything about the game.

It keeps telling me I need an update the launcher and then says there is no launcher up date to use.   What am I missing.

i found a bug.  I do a battle then the experience banner pops up.  I go to hit done but will not exit out of the expierience banner.  This can be a game breaker for me because I can't see much of the screen like that and end up getiing into another fight which I can't do because the banner is in the way.  So I just exit the game.   This game seems fun except for that flaw.

Good job so far though.  Pretty easy to understand without tons of reading of instructions.  Fun too.

I really like this game.  it's a good mystery as to why others are dying and a good story line.  It's a lot of fun.  Thanks

Thank you I will look more up there then.

Hi thanks for the help.  your right the forge does work as far as I can tell.  But I don't know where to get or buy coal for the forge.  Any hint would be nice.

I've enjoyed this so far.  I save up to get the forge or one of the projects fixed for 50 stone but the instant I ask sven (I think that's who it is), the blacksmith he takes the money but the game freezes and I loose all progress for that day.  So I have to hit windows button to get to the game to close it because it's stuck on that screen where I buy the fix for the forge.  Can you check this out so I can continue playing please.  Thank you.


Found the cave.  I can't go past the outpost north and can't get inot the swamp and on the map that has the bee hives I can't get to the next section.  I'm not sure where I can go next.  Suggestions?

I really love this game but I can't find the cave for the moss by the lumberjacks.

Any help would be appreciated.   But I've been havinga blast so far.  Awesome game

I thought it was the full game.  Unless I missed it saying it's a demo.  I wanted to play more, so I'm dissapointed that this ends so fast.  I did have fun and really enjoyed this.

thank you I will check.

Why can't I save my game?  No matter where I try to save at the book I get nothing but a beep noise.

I  had fun but died after getting both a boar and a hornet corner me.   I couldn't heal.  When i tried it didn't work.  And the quick attack didn't seem to work on the hornets.   Maybe because I was paralized.  That's probably it.   Yes there are some places to fix the wording of the game but the meaning is clear enough to understand.  keep up the good work

Thank you for your reply

where is the install for this.   I see and article written where is says it's offline yet mentions bugs being reported.  Is it running or is it not running?  I'm confused.  Thanks.

game crashed on me.  Looked interesting but got a Fatal Error message.

Thank you for the help

I love the game so far.  I have no idea what is going on so the plot has hooked me.  when the main character is with Marvin and Crow they come to a stop in front of a bush or root and I can't figure out how to get past it.  Any help would be appreciated.  Kudos on a fun game.

I'm looking forward to giving it a try and will be following your progresws with this game.  Keep up the good work.

Okay I will give it a go.  Thank you.

I loved it.  Too bad it was only a demo.  I'd love to play more.  I love the concept of how the game works.

Hi, I would like to say I am enjoying the game, but a major bug is stopping me from getting much play time in.  Anywere after I start the game from 2 to 7 minutes the game just freezes.  i try to hit escape to get out and hear the noise of the escape button loading but nothing happens and all is still.  The music keeps running but nothing else does anything and then I have to do an exit with the X in the top right.

It was fun, but I sucked at it and died in the end.  Every choice I made seemed to be the wrong one and I failed in the end.   That made me sad.   But it was fun to try.  :)

Okay I'm lower in the peramid witht the two swicthes and I know there is a shark but I'm at a loss to what to do next.  On the floor below is the library  and I've been there.  I done a lot but don't kno where to go next.  I've rested in the bed room and faught the fake red guy.  And I don't have the stone that you take out of the eye.   I've tryed everything.  So now what?

any help would be nice from anyone.  I don't mind spoiler but others might.

I loved the demo.  I hope the game comes out soon.  Very fun, a slight challange yet not impossable battles.   Very good.

Hi, I loved this demo.  It's a type of game I'd buy.  Well done.  Keep up the good work.

This game is a blast.  I'm an idie game lover.  The plot and puzzles are fantastic.  I'm stuck in the room with the orbs and am going in circles.   Very well done.  You have me stumped.  ha ha.  If I need help I'll let you know.   Thank you for making a lovely fun game.  Keep up the good work!

I figured out which was the one to start the game and the rest is in english.  Half the time Las wont walk where I tell him or wont walk at all.

I can't play.  it's in another language other than english.  How do you change that.  Nothing suggests that it was in another language so I'm kinda upset since I really wanted to try this.

Thank you for your reply, I will try the new version when it comes out and just ignore that spot for now.

I love this game.  Great story.  But I can't get past the house Shawn wakes up in with the Soldiers that captured him.  I can't figure out how to get past the gaurds without gettin caugh.  Any hints.  Cause I think the one guy is random that keeps turning around to look.

I've been really enjoying this game but the game crashes in the second forest when they cross the stones in the river and stop by the large rock.  I'd love to get farther though.  Just thought to let you know.  i only wish there were two time slots for a day other then one to do stuff in.   Awesome.

Thank you.  I'll try it out.  Thanks for all your help.

kk the link would be appreciated.  I will try this last thing for the graphics card.  If that doesn't work, oh well.

By the way I've been loving the games you've created.   I've bought 3 now.