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No Torture or Pain

A topic by Kaiki Enterprises, LLC created Jan 29, 2018 Views: 144 Replies: 2
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You try to escape as many 3 levels in the chapter as you can. Break yourself out of prison, escape an abandoned apartment, and try to escape your life out of the hospital.

(The story is Chapter 3's story because the game and story is alpha of course plz don't kill me)

Waking up in a campfire forest for no physical reason, you escape into the woods, investigate the cities, you're the criminal. Robbing banks even if no employees witnessed, exploring cities of your homeland, until some officer hit you unconcious.

Chapter 3 (1 and 2 isn't done yet)

You finally wake up in a prison, as it's 0:00 am. The police give you five days until you're deported.


Use your car key on the jail door, open the other jail door on the right next to your jail door,  grab a item named "Tap Bladder", then go out of the door, turn left, and open the prison exit, head to cafeteria without getting caught, grab a keycard from the cabinet, use the key card on the kitchen door, find the back exit, use the same keycard, and done!

As you finally escape, you see the same officer that hit you with a bat, he was walking into an apartment, you took a closer look. Inside, it's all dark and silent until the officer hit you again.


This time, you wake up at 02:00 am, and you realize the apartment you had woken up in is your old family apartment, you escape once again.


Get your car key from the closet, unlock the apartemnt entrance door, and drop it with a BANG! Once it's done, hide under the bed, he won't see you there. Find the knife and hold left mouse button on the wood. After the wood is cut, open the entrance door. Done!


Jeremy Smith has failed you again.

As you climb the roof of the Nagahama hospital, you fall through the roof and shattered a window. You now woke up in a child's hospital room whatsoever. You open doors to the highway to your personal hell, every demon awaits you there.

Survive every demon's move by hiding in room from different rooms and floor from different floors.



Child's Room or Hallway, Patient Counter or Under the Desk, and Staircase


Patient's Room or Lounge, Hallway 2, and Staircase


Long Hallway or Waiting Room, and Staircase


Doctor's Room or Broadcast Room, and Staircase

Final Floor (F1)

Main Information (Entrance)

After going through hell and killing the devil and saving your family, you burnt yourself alive, before you were left to burn tov ash. Then, the whereabouts were never found of you, that finally became of your life.

The game has one scene, I'm new to Unity, because I'm trying to do C# and Java, I go through tutorials.


Now on

Hope you like the demo and full game though!


Welcome to Itch! You should flesh out your announcement more. Bring over some of the description. Paste in that video. And while you're at it, link to the game page. Good luck!