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sealed with a kiss

experimenting with running a play-by-mail game · By droqen

keeping secrets

A topic by droqen created Mar 23, 2016 Views: 265 Replies: 5
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How upfront about the world, the game, and their shared rules should I be?

If I put all the rules out and am very clear about everything... there will be no non-emergent surprises, and I will probably need to design a deeper ruleset.

If I play my cards close to my chest, the game runs the risk of feeling arbitrary and... improvised? Which I understand probably isn't a problem for some!

And... if I do keep secrets, when I reveal them, will people just share them? Will everyone need to get their own secrets so they don't feel left out & also so people aren't disappointed if they share secrets only to discover they are the same "secrets"?

One of the coolest things of the game-through-physical-mail concept is that it's very conducive to the surprise, secret, and discovery elements. I'd love to see that being embraced! Some sort of mystery, perhaps, even.

You're pioneering a genre here! Well, kind of. So do something cool, interesting and engaging with it! 😁


haha, pioneering?? hardly! maybe i can make strides in a genre long forgotten, though. it's easy when nobody's been trying to make strides in it for a very long time!

i'm definitely into embracing secretiveness and exposing them in a sealed envelope :) i think i was probably leaning this way anyway, i'll feel a lot better about it if i seed some of these secrets beforehand though! rather than improvving them as a cleverer person would do

"Seed"? :O


Well, it's not impossible to think I might use some kinda random generation Thing to design the game space!

but in general I just mean "prepare ahead of time" ;)

Oh, ah, of course. I thought "improvving" was a typo of "improving" initially, now I get it.