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GMS ( Omitting Optional Function Arguments

A topic by GentooGames created Jan 18, 2022 Views: 260 Replies: 2
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From the patch notes of the most recent GMS update (

  • Function calls can now be made with missing arguments, these are then passed as undefined and either optional arguments or the called function can handle that
  • I.e., you can now write MyFunctionCall(1,2,,,5) and get the same result as if you had written MyFunctionCall(1, 2, undefined, undefined, 5)

This feature is causing a compile time error to be thrown:
// Error in globalScript at @[<script>:<line_number>]:
// unexpected symbol "," in expression


If you compile GMEdit yourself from git, it is fixed there, but I have not yet pushed a new build out

thank you, as always, for getting to this so quickly :)