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thank you, as always, for getting to this so quickly :)

From the patch notes of the most recent GMS update (

  • Function calls can now be made with missing arguments, these are then passed as undefined and either optional arguments or the called function can handle that
  • I.e., you can now write MyFunctionCall(1,2,,,5) and get the same result as if you had written MyFunctionCall(1, 2, undefined, undefined, 5)

This feature is causing a compile time error to be thrown:
// Error in globalScript at @[<script>:<line_number>]:
// unexpected symbol "," in expression

I haven't tested it with DnD specifically, so I'm not sure

This asset utilizes GameMaker specific functions and will only work with GameMaker. If Unity has similar functions or processes to recreate these functions, then you could theoretically recreate this in Unity, but I am unsure if that is possible.

This was made for GMS 2, I have not tested it with GMS 1 specifically, but as long as they share similar surface/buffer functions, then this should work with it just fine.

Thanks for the notice! I just uploaded a new version for 2.3 specifically. Previously, I used the keyword "static" to represent the static effect that the asset generates, but in 2.3 this keyword is reserved for static methods and variables, which is why it was crashing. 

Thanks so much!

Wow! These are so cool! I can't wait to use them in my next game project! Thanks so much for making them!

I think the current high score has been set by the artist Joe! Which is ~5500

Thanks so much for the positive response! I will be uploading a zip distribution later today, since so many people have asked for it 

Glad you are learning the art of rotation -- a skill few posses. May swiftness bless your next flight and bathroom experience. 

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Im not sure how leaving the default splash screen and not exporting as zip is a "trope"?  Either way, glad you think the game is fun to play and looks good. Since graphics and gameplay are two of the most important aspects, I'd rather spend more time focusing on those than creating a custom splash screen. Thanks for the feedback

Absolutely! You could even write some code that would generate noise, and blend that with the sprite. This would achieve an effect very similar to what we did in this asset. However, blending sprites in game maker is not as easy as it might seem. The only way I was able to accomplish Sprite blending in another project, was to write each sprite into a buffer, and then read each buffer simultaneously, while writing the combined results into a third buffer, and then translating that buffer data back into a sprite. I’m hopping to finish up this project and release it as another tutorial so that I can show how to blend sprites. Feel free to DM in twitter if you have any specific technical questions and I can try to help out :)

This is something that I address specifically in the description and in the video. The most unoptimized effect is the static effect, which does cause a performance dip. This effect is designed to be a learning tool for showcasing how to achieve some of these effects without having to know shaders, as well as an effect that can be used sparsely with minimal downside. 

Running tests right now show that with all effects, except static, enabled, I can achieve an FPS of 2600+. Turning on static drops this down to 200+. If you are hitting an FPS of 40, then I would suggest you take a look at the rest of your code. 

Feel free to reach out if you would like a refund on your $3. The reason I charge so little for these is because I create videos that explain how to do everything for free, and in that video I address these issues explicitly. Thanks 

Just wanted to point out, that on the Mac version, there appears to be a small UI bug on the active tab. 

The source code is for Game Maker Studio 2

Yeah! Feel free to use them for whatever you’d like. Just make sure to include some credit somewhere in the project credits or project description 

Thanks! I plan on doing more pixel art in the future. My main focus right now is creating code-based assets for GameMaker, but if this gets enough support and positive feedback, then I will consider releasing more pixel art assets in the future. 

You are a content creating machine! I love it

ok, thank you for letting me know. I will look into this immediately! I wonder why it’s working for some people and not others??

Did you try importing the yyz file? If not, open up GM, go to import project, and select the yyz file. Sometimes trying to import the project straight from the zip can cause issues. Let me know if this works, otherwise I will look into it some more.

Just curious to know if there is a theme that is going to be announced for this jam or if we are free to make a game about whatever we want? Thanks