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thanks for the suggestion! i am currently unfamiliar with those but will look into it and consider it :)

thank you, as always, for getting to this so quickly :)

From the patch notes of the most recent GMS update (

  • Function calls can now be made with missing arguments, these are then passed as undefined and either optional arguments or the called function can handle that
  • I.e., you can now write MyFunctionCall(1,2,,,5) and get the same result as if you had written MyFunctionCall(1, 2, undefined, undefined, 5)

This feature is causing a compile time error to be thrown:
// Error in globalScript at @[<script>:<line_number>]:
// unexpected symbol "," in expression

Thanks so much!

Wow! These are so cool! I can't wait to use them in my next game project! Thanks so much for making them!

I think the current high score has been set by the artist Joe! Which is ~5500

Thanks so much for the positive response! I will be uploading a zip distribution later today, since so many people have asked for it 

Glad you are learning the art of rotation -- a skill few posses. May swiftness bless your next flight and bathroom experience. 

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Im not sure how leaving the default splash screen and not exporting as zip is a "trope"?  Either way, glad you think the game is fun to play and looks good. Since graphics and gameplay are two of the most important aspects, I'd rather spend more time focusing on those than creating a custom splash screen. Thanks for the feedback

Just wanted to point out, that on the Mac version, there appears to be a small UI bug on the active tab. 

The source code is for Game Maker Studio 2

You are a content creating machine! I love it

Just curious to know if there is a theme that is going to be announced for this jam or if we are free to make a game about whatever we want? Thanks