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AI job: Catch the box (A machine learning application)

A topic by Epsi created Jan 27, 2018 Views: 108
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This is my second submission :

So this is firstly a presentation of the intelligent agents I create. The task I trained them for is to catch a box (and variants). 

This is secondly a "real" game where you can play again the agents.

I admit some agents are more dumb than intelligent... I even have a suicidal one, a lazy one and a traumatised one. I realy didn't expect this kind of result for a task as straightforward as catching a box but well... it's fun to be surprise by agents you create yourself, it's the magic of machine learning  :)

I make this as an entry to the ML-Agent Unity challenge so if you appreciate don't hesitate to vote and look at the other submissions, some are fun :)