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It's a Beautiful Day

A self-care game ( /!\ quite loud music on autoplay, sorry!) · By yllogique

Is there an end ? ^_^

A topic by sheep Marc created Jan 27, 2018 Views: 923 Replies: 2
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That's a very beautiful day... even tough I can't go out to check the sun :oD

You said that for some people the volume was too loud. I don't have to pleasure to hear anything.. do I have a problem ?


thank you for playing ! 

Yes there is an end, if you do some tasks a second time (you should do 10 or 12 tasks before the door to the outside appears) !

The sound issue might be a problem with the hosting site... i will check it out, thanks for noticing :)

Hi Yllogique ^_^... thank you and yes, I finished the game juste after I posted my comment. Actually I was too impatient because I finished the game and I had the pleasure to see the sun and the beautiful trees.

Thank you, that was a funny experience :@)~