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sheep Marc

A member registered Jan 25, 2018

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Hi Yllogique ^_^... thank you and yes, I finished the game juste after I posted my comment. Actually I was too impatient because I finished the game and I had the pleasure to see the sun and the beautiful trees.

Thank you, that was a funny experience :@)~

Yes, very visually impressive and beautiful ^_^~
A lot of work. Well done \o/


That's a very beautiful day... even tough I can't go out to check the sun :oD

You said that for some people the volume was too loud. I don't have to pleasure to hear anything.. do I have a problem ?

When you don't move and not surrounded by any mobs, the game is safe ^_^

Very funny ^_^~

Thank you. That is a very plaisant to play :)

Super FUN !!!
gruiiic super kung-fu fighter is very funny :D

gruiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic :@)

good looking, calm, peaceful reflection game ^_^

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It's an awesome game ! no battle parts anyway, that's ok ^_^

The ambiance and the ideas are great <3