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3rd Person

A topic by fiftysquiggly created Jan 26, 2018 Views: 614 Replies: 3
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Are you able to go 3rd person in Raft? I find that this would be very helpful.

Definitely not in the prototype/demo. I don't think they even implemented proper character model for the player until few months back in the upcoming Steam version. I haven't seen any screenshots showcasing 3rd person mode so it's not in at least not yet but it at least should be possible to add it now.

Yea - I plan on buying the Steam version but I tend to play survival-type games primarily in 3rd Person so it would be very helpful if they were to add that. 


Bump - does anyone know if this will be possible to do in the Steam version? I primarily play survival games like Ark and such in 3rd person so I can zoom out and look around my character with a larger field of view. Will this be possible in the Steam version of Raft?