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I know this is niche and non-standard but please add 3rd Person Perspective support to the game. Most games in the survival genre already include this, such as Ark, Conan, etc. First person perspectives make me nauseous and I can't really play them so while I would love to purchase and play the game, I will not be spending any money purchasing the game if it cannot support 3rd Person. Again, I know this is niche, but this would be a personal suggestion as I am sure there are others like me that have a hard time with 1st Person and prefer to play in 3rd Person.


That's quite a shame. The reason I ask is because first person perspectives make me nauseous and are hard for me to play. This is part of the reason why I pay Ark, Conan, etc. in 3rd person. I guess I'll just have to go back to them for now. I was really looking forward to trying this game =\ . If they implement a 3rd person perspective I will buy it immediately but, until then, it's a no-go for me.

Raft community · Created a new topic 3rd Person

Now that the game is out - would someone be able to advise me as to whether you can play in 3rd person? I hate the first-person perspective in most games and the ability to play in 3rd person is somewhat imperative to me.

Bump - does anyone know if this will be possible to do in the Steam version? I primarily play survival games like Ark and such in 3rd person so I can zoom out and look around my character with a larger field of view. Will this be possible in the Steam version of Raft?

Yea - I plan on buying the Steam version but I tend to play survival-type games primarily in 3rd Person so it would be very helpful if they were to add that. 


Raft community · Created a new topic 3rd Person
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Are you able to go 3rd person in Raft? I find that this would be very helpful.