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Psychomancer - A cyber psychiatrist simulator

A topic by Andrea Pignataro created Mar 19, 2016 Views: 301
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A cyber psychiatrist simulator

You are Keira J. Gibson, a remote psychiatrist at the S.C.A. (Serious Case Analysis) unit.

In your daily shift you solve cases of mentally disturbed patients.

You're able to do so by using the Psychomancer O.S. to prescribe them the correct therapy.

Today there are seven cases on your list.

Your task is fulfilled when, checking the therapy effects, all of your patients show improvements.

Remember: an extensive medical archive is at your complete disposal.


- Realistic crt screen feeling

- Immersive dystopian soundscape

- Classical cyberpunk sound FX

- Authentic pharmacopoeia

Please, while this game is free, consider a donation tip when downloading it.

Behind those bytes there's a real person who cares for you and your entertainment.