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Silent install skips my EULA

A topic by yesindiedee created Jan 20, 2018 Views: 146 Replies: 2
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When I install through the app my setup is run silently and the license agreement is skipped. I have taken the download down until I can get this fixed. Does anybody know if I can force this to show, or un-silence the installer. It appears to be an itch feature so surely I'm missing something?

Also, hello I'm new here!



Sorry for the late response. We have a EULA system built into the site, that will block people from downloading the game until they approve it. I don't think it's currently compatible with the app right now but I think the best thing going forward is to have you store it in our database and then when we add that functionality it can be made available. In the meantime I think the best approach to make sure everyone sees it is to have an option to show it in game? Tell me if that doesn't work for you.


Thanks for the reply :) Cool to know I just wasn't missing something obvious! Just implemented a little prescreen for now.

Cheers :D