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Watch the rise and fall of empires! · By snoddasmannen

Galimulator 4.1 BETA uploaded

A topic by snoddasmannen created Jan 20, 2018 Views: 859 Replies: 8
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Hi gang!

I'm just uploading a new beta release. Here's the full changelog:

* Support for uploading and playing online scenarios
* Support for saving and playing local scenarios
* US, Russian and Middle East maps added (eh, no potential controversy here right guys?)
* Start the galaxy with empires already populating it
* Option to merge empires (crazily requested feature)
* The Anneverworm added!
* Ship sounds!
* Option to load games in paused state

So the big thing here is support for online scenarios! You can create your own setups, including empires, alliances, ships and some other stuff. You can then save this locally, or even upload it, where moderators will take a look - and then it can be played by other players!

It's been out on Android for a while, but now I'd love to know how it works on PC, before I unleash it all over the world.

So let me know how this works, please :)

Another thing: I really need help with moderating these scenarios. Are there any volounteers out there to help me? It's super easy, takes like 2 minutes with the PC version (you just review a bunch of strings and then copy/paste some json from a nice web page directly into the game), and the buttons in the moderation interface are *really nice*! Like you won't believe how nice they are. Believe me!

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[deleted] is the Anneverworm also on Android?


Yep, in this release I think everything is in both versions.

I found a ship with three fleet commanders. Is this a bug?

love this update so far, starting with some empires is nice! my only complaint is that the ship sounds are far too quiet compared to the other much louder sounds in the game. although that's likely due to making them quieter as you zoom out more, but they still seem to get drowned out too quickly, especially in emperor mode.

Is this still downloadable?


Sure, should be there still :)

cant find beta download link?


4.1 is now out in a final version, have fun!

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